Welcoming YPARD Web4Knowledge interns: Lemien Saka, Natalia Lozano and former intern Husein Shahadu

05 Jan 2017 by Emmie Wachira

We are delighted to welcome the new cohort of remote YPARD Web4Knowledge interns: Lemien Sakalunga (DRC Congo), Natalia Lozano (Peru) and former intern Husein Shahadu (Ghana) who renewed his term. 

Lemien Sakalunga is an agricultural engineer specializing in agricultural economics with years of experience in blogging, web communication and social media. As a blogger, Lemien helps the Congo bloggers community by coordinating the Kinshasa team and publishing articles from bloggers. He also participates in the development of several local NGOs and associations of youth in the DRC in the field of environment, agriculture, ICT and citizen participation.

Lemien is also passionate about agricultural innovations, social media and ICT, climate change, food security, sustainable development and the integration of youth into agriculture.  For him, the development of agriculture depends on the marriage between ICT and agriculture. 

Recently Lemien participated in the mobilization of the young people of Kinshasa for their integration of the new YPARD representation in the Democratic Republic of Congo under the coordination of the Country Representative, Aimé Kazika.

Lemien will be responsible for the French sections of the YPARD website giving a boost to all the french speaking countries of YPARD, sharing information, inspiring testimonies and opportunities for young people in Francophone countries in particular. 

Natalia Lozano Broncales is an agriculture for development practitioner specializing in Project Management for Social Development, Agricultural Innovation and Rural Communities Development. She holds a Master of Rural Development from the University of Queensland (Australia) and a Bachelor of Animal Science from La Molina National Agrarian University (Peru). 

She has over eight years of working experience in the design, implementation and evaluation of development projects in support of family-farmers in her country, Peru; application of participative methodologies for community development and systematization of experiences.

As a granddaughter of goat small-scale farmers from the Peruvian highlands, she truly believes in the power of agriculture for sustainable poverty alleviation. For this reason, Natalia actively promotes the engagement of more young professionals in agricultural innovation and rural development. Her main areas of interest include: Food Security and Nutrition, Participatory Agricultural Innovation, Youth Involvement in Agriculture, Indigenous People, Family Farming, Social Farming, Social Media for Agriculture and ICTs in Agriculture. 

Natalia has been a YPARD member since 2012. Since May 2016, she has become a more active member by co-coordinating the Training Division and supporting Communications Division of YPARD Peru.

Natalia will be responsible for the Spanish sections of YPARD website, sharing and disseminating information and opportunities for Spanish speaking countries.

Husein Shahadu,one of the former interns, renewed his internship for another 6 months. Over the last months, Husein has been instrumental in editing the RSS feeds to the website. Read in details his introduction here

Welcome on board Lemien Sakalanga, Natalia Lozano and Husein Shahadu.