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Four young professionals; one passion: agriculture

07 Dic 2016 por Marina Cherbonnier

Alpha, Nawsheen and Josine at IFAD's headquarterThey travelled from different parts of the world to come tell their story at the International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD)’s headquarter. Josine, Alpha, Nawsheen and Rahul, are four passionate young agriculturists. Yet, their projects are completely different from each other.

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Youths Affirm Agriculture As Economic Empowerment Tool

09 Dic 2016

The agro-allied industrialization of the African continent cannot materialize without the involvement of the youths because they have the right drive and energy, participants at a Tuesday session of the 2016 African Economic Conference that focused on youth entrepreneurship in agriculture said.

"I say and I hope you join me to say that agribusiness is not the future. It is the now," said Oyin Asaaju, a young Nigerian who is excited about agribusiness.