Pleins feux - Portraits de "JP"

A propos de "Pleins feux"

« Pleins feux - portraits de Jeunes Professionnels »  est une galerie de portraits de jeunes professionnels actifs et sources d'inspiration dans le développement agricole.
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Quel est l’intérêt?

A YPARD, nous sommes convaincus que partager son expérience c’est:

  • informer et partager des bonnes pratiques et leçons retenues
  • générer le débat de pensées et idées pour optimiser l’action
  • solliciter l’inspiration pour plus d’innovation et d’entreprenariat
  • bien plus!

Pleins feux - Portraits de "JP"

My Dad’s Elucidation Spurred my Interest for Animal Production, Now #IAmAg

Today, my activities have created jobs for young people interested in livestock development, encouraged many farmers already frustrated with inadequate productivity, empowered women in the livestock value chain and have contributed immensely to the rapid multiplication of livestock and sustainability of livestock value chain in Nigeria and West Africa.

Why Agriculture? Why not?

I believe that agriculture was meant to be my destiny and I am grateful for being inspired to pursue a career in science. If I had to choose all over again, I would without a doubt and a second thought choose agriculture. I love being an agronomist. It gives me enormous sense of job satisfaction and achievement.

#IamAg : Meet Jana, a student, a scientist, an educator, a consumer...

Because of the universal reach of agriculture, I believe my career in it has, and will continue to have, a truly positive impact on the global community. #IamAg, I am involved in agriculture and surrounded by it. #AreYouAg too?

#IamAg! Meet Nawsheen, Co-Founder of Agribusiness TV

When I look back, I realise that the job I am doing today did not exist when I was a child or at secondary school. I just followed by heart and passion, and did what I feel happy doing. Therefore, my advice to someone interested in my career is to first of all love what you do.

#IamAg! Meet Ivan, an Agronomist from Serbia

My advice to be successful in an agricultural career is to not only focus on passing the exams and finishing all your tasks. Tomorrow you will be the one who will feed the people and you must know how to produce healthy food. Your worth will only be equal to what you know.

#IamAg! Meet David Michael, Agricultural Engineer from Nigeria

If you are looking for a job that gives you real job satisfaction, inner peace and a relationship with nature then I invite you to study agriculture. Agriculture is a noble profession because it was man’s first occupation and remains critical to the survival of mankind.

#IamAg! Meet Rossmery, Animal Scientist from Peru

I think the reason more young people aren’t interested in an agricultural career is the lack of promotion. Agriculture has been left behind. In my country, every year universities are offering more office type careers, so young people are pursuing those. It is down to us, those that work in farming, to share our experience and tell how much we love to work in agriculture.

The Journey on the Farm: My #IamAg Theory of Evolution

Today, I am agricultural economist, an agricultural extension officer and an agricultural communicator not only for YPARD Nigeria but for agriculture.You too can choose your agricultural path and become the best and that could turn out to be an inspiration for someone out there.

What is it like being a young agricultural professional in the 21st century?

In the end, what truly matters is the love for agriculture that drives young people to grow their own food and maintain continuous production in spite of financial difficulties and initial obstacles. I would therefore like to see this generation as the one that changed the reality of agriculture for better, one garden at a time.

Growing Up on a Farm and the Rural Experience

Growing up on the farm, in the rural area, provides a unique life experience. You learn many life skills and lessons. It can be exciting but there are times that it can be challenging as well. “I didn't think much of these rural experiences at the time, but I have begun to appreciate them lately in my work and life. Anytime I step on the farm, I become like a child again”