2016/2017 United Nations University Masters in Integrated Drylands Management

30 Jun 2016

The Joint Master's Degree (MSc) Programme on Integrated Drylands Management brings together different expertise and scientific resources of the partner institutes to build advanced human capital, and generate and adapt global knowledge for local solutions in drylands. The programme provides young professionals and scientists an international perspective on integrated resources management approaches in drylands and allows them to gain practical experience in different dryland countries. Throughout the programme, a strong emphasis will be placed on multidisciplinary approaches.


The MSc Programme will offer two components:

  1. A short intensive course
  2. Field research leading to the development of a Master's thesis.

Course layout

The three-week course and field work will focus on the international dimension of dryland management and a range of research methods, tools and approaches. An international team of selected experts from all partners and their networks will provide a balanced mix of lectures and seminars.

The six-month field and laboratory research will be conducted under the supervision of one of the programme partners. Upon completion of the MSc Programme, students will receive a Master's Degree from their home university and a certificate from UNU.

Typically, the graduates from the MSc Programme serve in government departments and agencies (e.g. those dealing with agriculture, forestry, natural resources management, and combating desertification), teaching positions in institutions of higher learning, research institutions and doctoral research programmes.

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