What about this "Showcase"?

Young Professionals' Showcase Room is a space where portraits of Active and Inspirational Young Professionals in Agricultural Development are displayed. You also would like to tell your story? Register and contact us!

What is the purpose of this and what do you gain from it?

YPARD team believes that sharing experience enables:

  • informing on good practices and lessons learned
  • generating thoughts and ideas for optimizing activities
  • inspiring each other for more innovation and entrepreneurship
  • ...and more!

Showcase Room

AltroPaesaggio - Empowering Gypsy Women through Urban Agriculture

Luisa Cartesio is an Italian young architect passionate about productive and green landscapes. In 2013, together with Liana de Miro, Luisa founded the association AltroPaesaggio which has as main goal redeveloping the natural and social context of Scampia neighborhood in Naples through the reintroduction of agriculture and the work with Gypsy women.

"Love agriculture and it will love you back"

Tafadzwa Anne-marie Dzinoreva is a 21 year old female student from Zimbabwe who is currently studying a BSc. in Agribusiness Management.

Exploring ICT4Ag projects and startups in Africa through Agritools

Agritools is the first multimedia research project that showcases how African tech innovations and technology-based startups are revolutionizing the agribusiness sector and promoting the development of cultural values and rural policies.

"Let’s show the world that agriculture is an attractive career"

Yoga was National Director of the International Association of Students in Agricultural and Related Sciences (IAAS) Indonesia in 2012-2013. During that period of time, he was also a student in agribusiness and an entrepreneur in agriculture. Already graduated, Yoga is working now on a promising organic rice business.

A young spirit in search of change

Anauim Valerín Pérez is a young journalist from Costa Rica. She combines her passion for communications with an active participation in 2 environmental groups (Ecollective Youth and Boreal Collective) which work in favour of the rights of the youth, women and farmers.

"The sky's the limit"

Oluwaseun Johnson is a Nigerian entrepreneur who works on his bee-keeping business. He is currently training farmers on bee-keeping under a USAID Market 2 project, particularly women to teach them how to practise apitherapy.

Rabbits: The Hope for Rural Communities without Land

Firmin Bararunyeretyse is a young agripreneur of 37 years of age who lives in Ngozi, Burundi. He works as a farmer raising rabbits.

"Agriculture has managed to change my career"

Wouedjie Alice-Norra is a lawyer who advises women farmers who produce in Cameroon in urban agriculture and small-scale agriculture. She works in ICT Agriculture and Development program - Agrotic-dev - in a youth association called Cameroon youth Initiative for Rural Development (CAMYIRD). She has a blog named “Norra Urban Agriculture” as well as a Facebook page “Alice urban agriculture”.

"While frustrating at times, challenges do make me far more passionate and determined"

Afrina Choudhury works in WorldFish as a Gender Specialist and has been working on gender in aquatic agricultural systems for the past 3 years. She is currently co-chairing the Bangladesh National Gender Working Group which I founded together with HKI and includes 30 institutions as members.

Empowering Women in Agriculture through Mentoring

Michelle is a a Fulbright scholar from Papua New Guinea (PNG) who is currently undertaking graduate studies in Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She studies animal and poultry science and is majoring as well in chicken genetics and genomics.