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Call for applications: YPARD Director

The GFRAS-YPARD joint secretariat is seeking a proactive, flexible, independent and innovative director to lead the youth network. The mission of Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) is to serve as a global platform through which young professionals can express their ideas and realize their full potential towards sustainable food systems.

This position will be based at Czech University of Life Sciences FTA/CZU, Prague, Czech Republic, which hosts the YPARD Europe office. 

Key Responsibilities

Strategic development and operations:

  • Provide strategic direction to further development and orientation of the YPARD network and the development of a GFRAS youth portfolio
  • Coordinate at the operational level implementation of the youth agenda of the Operational Plan  2021-2025 
  • Engage in strategic networking with leading agencies or institutions in the food systems and rural development sectors
  • Represent YPARD and GFRAS youth at international processes 
  • Coordinate YPARD’s global engagement in collaborative initiatives and platforms
  • Coordinate on recruitment and annual program budget breakdown
  • Develop a process for performance appraisal across YPARD operational levels in conjunction with the SC and conduct performance appraisal of the YPARD team
  • Oversee the conduct of the members’ annual survey and feedback loop

Program and fundraising:

  • Develop a global fundraising and sustainability strategy
  • Develop and implement new global programs and support the continuation of ongoing programs such as the mentoring program
  • Identify new potential donors and partners, and lead the development and submission of fundraising proposals.
  • Guide the development of regional program planning and activities, implementation and reporting, ensuring milestones and deadlines are met
  • Connect YPARD operational levels to relevant global/partner programs 

Network Hosting Arrangements:

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When you think of a university, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

For me, I think, science, career, study programs, faculties and of course the student life. I never stop to think about the impact and activities of a higher education institution outside of the scientific/academic aspects.

I guess this was the thought of the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU), my home away from home for the past six years, as they have created the book "CZU from 77 sides", a book that highlights some of the many topics at the university in a creative, visually appealing, and light-hearted way. This inclusive, international, and multicultural institution that welcomes students from all over the world (my Nicaraguan self-included) has produced many unique results which have not only impacted the Czech Republic but also quite a lot abroad.

Developed through the collaboration of more than 100 authors from CZU, the book represents a light alternative to professional publications or simple informative magazines. It gives the general public, new incoming students, and current student like myself a quick insight into 77 key areas in which the university is working on in an easy to ready storytelling fun way.

Some of the topics covered are: the consequences of climate change, the shortage of workers in agriculture and forestry, food security, bark beetle-infested forests and sustainable solutions just to mention a few, this gives you an idea of how this creative book is spreading the word and creating awareness on the various achievements and activities of this institution like wildfire.

One of my favourite chapters in the book is “Being an entrepreneur while studying” This chapter highlights the principles of the “Finnish Team Academy®” concept/project which links the worlds of business and education. This concept offered to CZU students since 2019 as a learning by doing and team learning approach, encourages entrepreneurship at the university. During their studies, young entrepreneurs form teams in which they operate as independent companies. Students work on real projects that they search for themselves. They thereby create their own customer network with which they communicate and for which they work. Throughout three years of studies, they obtain the necessary marketing and sales skills as well as the knowledge needed to run their own business.

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