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Bringing food traceability from farmers to the hands of consumers

We are what we eat. We eat fruits and vegetables every day, but do we know what exactly do we eat? How were they grown and with which substances were they treated?

Agrivi (, a global agtech company that helps thousands of farmers in over 150 countries to improve their production, is bringing food traceability from farmers directly to the hands of consumers.

The team is proud to announce the launch of Agrivi certificate that empowers both farmers and consumers. With Agrivi certificate, farmers can easily showcase all important information on how the produce was actually grown and consumers can finally find out what exactly do they eat and make a decision on that before buying the product. Agrivi certificate is now officially available to all our customers, thousands of farmers in over 150 countries and we expect first produces holding QR code of Agrivi certificate on shelfs in first part of 2016.

With Agrivi certificate, a new feature of Agrivi’s farm management platform, farmers can expose all important information on the produce they have grown by labeling the produce with a QR code that leads to the certificate page on the Agrivi platform. Agrivi certificate contains the following information:

  • Plant nutrients – Easily find out fertilizer elements which a farmer has used to make the plants grow.
  • Crop protection – Take a look at used active substances and find out if the product is organic or not.
  • Energy & effort – Appreciate the work of a farmer and understand how many man and machinery hours were needed to produce that fruit or vegetable, or how much water was used.
  • Produce nutrients – Learn the nutrient values of the produce, how many proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins it contains.
  • Gallery – Scout the location of fields where the produce was grown. See photos of growing process and how it was really grown.

The era of food transparency has finally arrived – enjoy your food like never before. Brought by Agrivi.

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