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Call for a new YPARD Steering Committee Member from the private sector (for profit)

The Young Professionals Platform for Agricultural Research for Development (YPARD) is seeking a new Steering Committee (SC) member from the private sector in agriculture to guide its strategic development. 

YPARD serves as a medium for Young Professionals (YPs) in Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) to voice their views, exchange perspectives and work towards a more dynamic ARD.  YPARD has four strategic objectives: 1) to facilitate exchange of information and knowledge among young professionals across disciplines, professions, age and regions; 2) to broaden opportunities for young professionals to contribute to strategic ARD policy debates; 3) to promote agriculture among young people, and 4) to facilitate access to resource and capacity building opportunities.  YPARD is a multi-stakeholder platform with young professionals from different stakeholder groups in ARD including research, NGOs, CBOs, government, the private sector, and extension.

YPARD is looking for a steering committee member who is active in the private sector (for profit) to contribute actively to a growing YPARD. We are looking for an experienced member, ideally with knowledge of agri-business and/or agricultural entrepreneurship.  They must also be an enthusiastic young professional (under 40 years) who is active in the private sector.  In our SC, we always look at having the greatest representation of our stakeholder base, gender and region.

An SC member is expected to voluntarily work and communicate electronically for 1-2 days per month, participate in the annual SC meeting (3-4 days) and one or more Agricultural Research for Development (ARD) related event to represent YPARD.  This year’s SC Meeting will occur in January 2012 and you will be asked to travel to attend. 

The function and role of the SC are described below, which is extracted from the Charter; also available on the website.


The following items are desirable attributes of applicants: 

1) A YPARD member and committed to YPARD

2) Demonstrated support for YPARD

3) Good knowledge of ARD environment

4) Experience in agribusiness and/or agricultural entrepreneurship

5) Enthusiastic and motivated

6) Good knowledge of English


If you are interested in becoming an SC member, please send a letter of motivation plus a maximum 2 page CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  All applications will be considered until December 5th, 2011. (call for applications closed)

You can download the pdf format of this call. 

Please also visit to learn more about YPARD and its activities and sign up if you haven’t already!

We look forward to hearing from you.


Excerpt from the YPARD charter:

3.3        The YPARD Steering Committee (SC)

The YPARD SC was formally established in November 2006 and since then has regularly met once a year.

The SC is accountable towards the members for any action or decision undertaken. This includes reception of criticism and feedback as well as timely informing Members about any relevant decisions.

3.3.1               Steering Committee Composition

  1. The SC is composed of five to nine members and, to the extent possible, from various stakeholder groups, regions and gender.
  2. The YPARD Coordinator participates in SC meeting as ex-officio member.
  3. A Chair and a Vice-Chair will be elected within the SC members and from the SC. The Chairs will liaise with the SAG and will report on this to the other SC members and the CU.
  4. The YPARD Coordinator will serve as Secretary. S/he will provide assistance and support to ensure that the SC functions efficiently.
  5. The responsibilities, structure, membership and functioning of the SC will be reviewed at least every three years to ensure effectiveness and introduce necessary changes.

3.3.2               Roles and responsibilities

The roles and responsibilities of the YPARD SC are to:

  1. Provide direction in the development and oversee the implementation of YPARD strategies, programmes and activities together with the YPARD Coordinator and in consultation with the SAG;
  2. Approve the YPARD Annual workplan and budget;
  3. Constitute task forces or working groups on special activities as deemed necessary;
  4. Ensure that there is adequate and appropriate monitoring of YPARD activities;
  5. Approve, recognise and review the persons nominated as YPARD Local Representatives;
  6. Initiate consultation polls among YPARD members on issues which the SC deems important;
  7. Review progress made and provide recommendations for improvement and follow-up;
  8. Create and maintain a culture of ownership towards all members of YPARD and include them as much as possible into activities and decision making;

3.3.3               Selection process

  1. The SC is a self-constituted committee. It replaces its members using the following procedure: a) suitable and willing candidates are proposed by SC members b) the SC elects the new SC member by majority vote. The Chair and Vice-Chair coordinate this process. As soon as practically possible, the SC will implement a democratic election process for SC members as suggested in paragraph 3.1. above.
  2. Members will serve for a period of three years, which can be renewed once. If the SC member wishes to renew his/her mandate, s/he is to inform the Chair before the end of the original mandate.
  3. Should an SC member wish to resign before the end of his/her term, he/she should write a resignation letter to the Chair
  4. The Chair and the Vice-Chair are to be elected by the SC preferably by consensus, for a mandate of three years, or until the end of their own mandate, if the latter is shorter. In case of no consensus, they will be elected by majority vote.
  5. If the Chair resigns before the normal term of his/her mandate, the Vice-Chair will take over as interim Chair until a new Chair is elected during the following SC meeting. If the Vice-Chair resigns from his/her mandate, the chairs remains vacant until the next SC meeting.

3.3.4               Modus operandi

  1. The SC members will be acting on their personal capacity, but are expected to bring in the perspective of their stakeholder group and to be acting with the support/backing of their organisations.
  2. SC members will interact electronically on a regular basis and will meet face-to-face at least once a year.
  3. The SC members (including the Chairs) will serve with no remunerations, but costs of participating in face-to-face committee meetings will be borne by YPARD whenever possible.
  4. The SC is obliged to make decisions in a transparent manner and give explanations on such decisions upon request to any member or the SAG.

3.3.5               Quorum

Two-thirds of the SC membership constitutes a quorum.

3.3.6               YPARD Steering Committee meetings

The SC shall meet at least once a year. When extraordinary meetings are required, they should be convened by the Chair in consultation with the other SC members.

The agenda of the meetings should be prepared by the CU. The draft agenda and documents to be discussed will be circulated at least three weeks in advance to allow the SC members sufficient time to consult their respective constituencies.

Minutes of the SC meetings are made available to all stakeholders upon request

De bonnes perspectives pour des jeunes horticulteu...
YPARD members at the Science Forum 2011, Beijing

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