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Challenging your Thought(s) For Food

A few years ago, when I first attended Syngenta`s Forum for the Future of Agriculture I found out about the TFF Challenge, a competition aimed at students of all levels that has set an objective to “feed 9 billion by 2050? by unleashing the creative potential of youth in designing innovative solutions for ending world hunger.

At first, I was angry. I wasn`t a student anymore. I always loved to participate in case study competitions, innovation challenges and the TFF Challenge was exactly what “I was born for”. But, at that time, I was just finishing my PhD thesis so the next year I would have been eligible anymore to participate. But nevertheless I wrote to the organizers saying that I want to be involved in the competition somehow.

This year I had the opportunity of becoming a mentor in the TFF Challenge. I was assigned 4 of the 93 teams that have successfully signed up by April 8th for Round 1 of the competition. And they were great teams.

I saw firsthand what youth, enthusiasm, technical knowledge and lots of brainstorming could produce.

With completely different approaches and backgrounds, my teams have brought in the TFF Challenge innovative ideas on how they think we should end world hunger.


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Monday, 26 February 2024

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