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Climate Change and Food Security—Role of Young Professionals in ARD—YPARD China Promoting Conference will be held in CAAS

The Climate Change and Food Security—Role of Young Professionals in ARD—YPARD China Promoting Conference will be held in Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences(CAAS) on 5th June, 2012. Here is the Annoncement:  

I. Background

In recently years, the increase of global extreme weather events and fluctuations in international food prices makes the stability of food availability and accessibility the focus of agriculture research. The deterioration of the agro-ecological environment together with frequent food safety incidents attracts people’s attention back to agricultural research for development. Risks in agriculture and food development not only influence related industries, also risks in one region may impact other areas across the world. Therefore, economies strengthen international cooperation on agricultural research to prevent, transfer and avoid these risks, to obtain latest technology, to explore international market and to reduce the research cost. Agriculture in China is now transforming from traditional to modern models. New development in ARD requires the full use of international resources and more progress in international cooperation.

While young professionals show declining interest in agriculture, agriculture and agricultural research grows more importance. According to a survey conducted on graduate students in CAAS by YPARD China team, 24% graduate students won’t select an agriculture related major, the ratio is even higher in agricultural economic and management, preventive veterinary and utilization of agricultural resources majors. The reason for this mainly lies in the comparatively low benefits.

The significance of international cooperation in ARD increases while young professionals (YPs) have limited participation in dialogues addressing critical development issues.  In international fields, the opportunity is even more scarce. Absence of a support network or platform to voice young professionals’ ideas, opinions and concerns exacerbates this.

Online discussion is a common way before a face to face workshop to collect ideas.  While the survey shows that 85.5% of the respondents participated in online discussions, less than 3% joined an international online discussion. Main bottlenecks of this problem are language barriers and insufficiency of knowledge and expertise.  Many respondents mention that “insufficiency of information and channels to learn about these discussions” were a problem.

Young professionals are the future for ARD. Promoting the international development of YPs in ARD is a key issue in China. Therefore, YPARD together with CAAS sponsor this “Climate Change and Food Security—Role of Young Professionals in ARD YPARD China Promoting Conference” to inspire YPs’ passion in ARD and strengthen the international communication among young Chinese agricultural researchers and the world, which will be held in CAAS on 5th June, 2012.

II. YPARD Introduction

Young Professionals' Platform on Agricultural Research for Development (YPARD) is a movement by youth, for youth, for agricultural development. It’s a global platform of young professionals under 40 years of age active in Agricultural Research for Development. The coordination unit is hosted by GFAR and partners include Universities, Research Institutions, Donor organizations, NGOs/CSOs, Government agencies, Farmer organizations, and also the Private sector. YPARD has Global Unit (based in GFAR, Italy), Asia office (based in VIT University, India), Africa office (based in FARA, Ghana), LAC office (based in CIAT, Colombia), and European office (based in Bern University of Applied Science, Switzerland). Members are distributed in 117 countries all over the world.

The objectives of YPARD include: 1. to facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge among young professionals across disciplines, professions, age and regions; 2. to broaden opportunities for young professionals to contribute to strategic ARD policy debates; 3. to promote agriculture among young people; and 4. to facilitate access to resources and capacity building opportunities.

As a YPARD member you will gain: information on funding opportunities, jobs, news in ARD and more; online interaction with YPs around the globe; opportunities to apply to represent YP interests at meetings and workshops; getting involved in the mentoring programme; becoming a representative and building your professional experience; actively contributing to a more dynamic ARD. For more details you can refer to

III. Why participate in this meeting?

YPARD Global Coordinator Ms. Courtney Paisley will participate in this meeting to introduce YPARD and discuss future cooperation with CAAS on YPARD China. Experts from research academies and universities will be invited to give academic presentations and also provide suggestions on YPs’ participation in research activities and international cooperation. Excellent YPs from EU, CAAS, Rural Economy Research Center of MOA, Foreign Economic Cooperation Center of MOA, Cross-Straight Agricultural Association of MOA, Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other agencies, farmer entrepreneur, village leader participants will give presentation based on their experiences. Hot discussion will be organized on strengthening YPs’ role in ARD, international cooperation and reducing the gaps between agricultural research and application. Attending this meeting, you can:

1) Learn about YPARD and participate YPARD activities;

2) Become a YPARD China University/Academy/Region representative

3) Communicate and gain experience in international communication

4) Establish contacts with international YPs

5) Learn from academic presentations in food security and rural development

IV. Organization

This meeting is sponsored by Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) and Young Professionals' Platform on Agricultural Research for Development (YPARD), and hosted by Agricultural Information Institute of CAAS.

Date?5th June, 2012

Venue?Lecture Hall of Main Building (1st floor) in CAAS

Contacts: Bi Jieying, Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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