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Growing together.....

As one is growing, several things shape them up more especially their environment and people around them. It is never easy to get someone who can stand with you and give a hand.

In 2016, I graduated from EARTH University with a Bachelor’s degree in agronomic engineering I had so many ideas and so much energy to start life, but did not know the right path to start off. Among the things that were unclear to me was how to write a business plan, having the particular skillset for the right business idea, having the right location and having the correct business to be implemented.

But in early 2017, I was fortunate enough to be matched with a mentor at the Young Africa Works Summit program who has been instrumental in my growth process.

Meet my mentor Ann Mugabo from Rwanda. She works with Rwanda's Capacity Building Employment Services Board a government body that aims to harmonize capacity building with employment. Additionally, she is passionate about mentoring youth to become self-reliant in choosing their professional career to respond to labour market needs.

My mentor has been a great pillar for me to start off. Previously, I used to run an environmental conservation group called “Save Our World” in Kajiado, Kenya, that is working in reforestation. But due to the need to start my own business since this was more a social activity for my community, I needed a mentor, to help me focus. My mentor recommended me to start by defining the right business idea depending on the condition of my location, and she also advised me to write up a business plan which she was ready to revise accordingly. I was able to get focus and have one idea which is start farming of pasture in my home area, this is because every year my county Kenya experiences drought, the maasai people who are pastoralist by culture are always most affected having most of their cows dying and having great losses. I have now redirected all my energy on this project. I now have my business idea and I know exactly what I want to be as I work hard to get capital for my business.

I report to my mentor every of my step and that makes me work hard through what I am doing because I have to always give back good report.An African saying says “when you are alone you can go fast but when you are together you can go far.” I am in position to visualize my life in ten years’ time through the help of my mentor.

It’s refreshing and encouraging when every other time someone’s is checking on you and reassuring that all is well and that you are going to make it despite of all the ups and downs. At the moment there is no limit to what I can accomplish in realizing my dreams as a business and community leader and thanks to my mentor who is walking with me through each step and advising me.

As I walk through realizing my career path and life I am glad that I have someone holding my hand and directing me. Many thanks to all the organizations that came along to make this a reality.


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Friday, 27 January 2023

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