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Migrating ; what for?

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According to the UN - Youths are seen as one of the most mobile social groups in migration context. They make up about 30% of international migrants. Migration could arise as a result of tranfer or a change in job, education or an entire family or individual relocating abroad for "greener pastures". Some could also be within a particular country for reasons such as insecurity, job availability, weather, marriage to mention but a few.
But generally, the most important reason why people migrate to other countries (Europe,America) - especially from sub sahara Africa - is better living conditions. As we all know the level of poverty in most African countries is high. So the youths see Europe and America as places where they can get rich quick. Unfortunately when they get to these countries, they realise 'not all that glitter is Gold. They become stranded and frustrated that going back to their home country becomes a shame.
10 years ago, a friend of mine left for the UK to seek "greener pastures". Funny enough,he was in his 2nd year in the University studying engineering. The first year in the UK was pleasant because he had  friends who assisted in getting some menial jobs for him. He did this for some years, then he started having accommodation issues, the jobs were not coming like before, there was economic downturn all over europe and the rest of the world. Even when he met with people who could assit in getting him a job, he never had a university degree that could have qualified him for the jobs, neither did he acquire any skill or training.
His course mates back then in the university were now graduates,doing well in various fields of endeavour. Some were managers of their own companies. Yet this friend is still in the UK trying to make a living out of nothing.
There are many cases of individuals who migrated to some other countries and are not doing very good and would have been much better in their countries. We have stories of people who also went abroad, got an education or a skill and Today are responsible for their siblings upkeep back in their home country.
So the issue of migration is a bag full of both good and bad sides of life. I am of the opinion that if African countries can develop their nation, provide good roads, portable drinking water, electricity, quality education, health and job creation in majority through capacity building, the drive to migrate abroad will be reduced.
In a place like nigeria,the average youth has the mentality of migrating abroad. This is so because of what they see on TV, stories told by friends who live abroad and the lifestyle of these individuals when they come 'home' for chrismas. Meanwhile they do not tell them the truth. Migration is not a bad idea but the reasons must and should be justified.
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Tuesday, 27 February 2024

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