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Niche Learners and Learning Institutions

Niche, Learners and Learning Institutions

By Raymond Erick Zvavanyange


Key Message

 The short article suggests basic advice for learners. The aim is to inspire readers to grasp the role of learning institutions as they seek to discover, fit and “enjoy” their niche.  

Learning Cycles, Behavior and Networks

Learners go through many phases in learning processes. Upon completion of studies, learner’s part with learning cycles, behavior and networks they created and got accustomed to. This may be a challenge for group followers. For others, it’s just a move to the next step.  That next step is a chance to realize one’s self confidence and capabilities.  In light of this, it is important to advise learners in learning institutions on how, where and why they should find a niche. Questions which may be asked could be what additional knowledge does further learning bring? What about an early professional career? What about social life? What about one’s duty to the country? The answer is a personal choice.

Refine, Refine, Refine

In agriculture, knowledge gaps outnumber measures and efforts to lessen them. This however, is not a crisis but opportunity for those with access to knowledge, resources and required abilities. . The agricultural landscape has changed; it is engaging, self updating and interconnected.  In addition, learners should refine their skills, knowledge and techniques in learning environments.

A niche is a role. In ecology each species has a niche.  Paraphrased a niche is a rightful place. This place should coincide with a learner’s confidence, will, motivation and drive, model of reference and opportunity. In today’s world the niche translates to a contract, remuneration, holidays, health checks, accommodation, training and development, legal counsel and perhaps freedom.

Shared Tasks and Responsibility

Learners and learning institutions share responsibility drawing the future map. It is learners who become experts, specialists, professionals, consultants and losers as well. In summary, discover your niche, what it takes to reach it, and how to share tasks and responsibility with fellow learners.

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