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Peace or War? When you are hungry, it doesn't matter.

Khosi in the fieldTajikistan is an agrarian country. For two decades, the agricultural sector is passed reforms twice. Since last year, with the aim of returning migrants back home, and to provide the deported migrants with work, the head of the Sughd province signed a decree on the restructuring of big farms. As a result, for the year in the region created more than 60 thousand small farms with land up to 2 hectares. Unfortunately, 50% of them have no experience on work with land, and they need consultation of agronomists. Without studying the market and agrarian business people began to sow everything anyhow and anywhere. Using from the moment businessmen and dealers from leading manufacturers of plant protection products started propaganda to combat a variety of diseases, weeds and insects. As a result, tons of pesticides were sprayed on the lands of Soghd. 2015 FAO declared the year of healthy soil to maintain its fruitfulness and productivity.

More than a year I try to educate people professional introduction of agriculture by means of training videos. Before spraying a crop, people must think about the health of people and the earth. Using our transmissions, if at least 30% of farmers, will be trained agriculture, it will help achieve the main goal of the state and many organizations - the reduction of poverty by increasing the productivity and income of farmers. Our program with farmers in the field will demonstrate in detail the new farming experiments.

Films are shooting in a professional format, in the consulting genre, timing up to 10 minutes.

Also, we shall publish them in different social networks and news sites. For example, in the program about the "Choice of crop" we will teach farmers to plan the crop. Most farmers do not know how to plan their work and do not have information on new methods and technologies of agriculture growing.

We will talk about the proper handling with land for soil conservation. Specialist will make analysis of the soil on a mini laboratory on the ground, or he show how to do it by the traditional method. And further, it is possible to sow, where you can buy certified seeds, how to deal with pests and how to get a good harvest.

The programs will be affected by current issues of the region, which affect the daily life of every farmer or villager. I hope that the educational counseling program will help to choose the right way of work with the land and get a good harvest. When the abundance of the harvest  malnutrition problems will be solved. The level of poverty in the country will fall. And the price of products on the market will go down, & our dastarkhan will abound domestic fresh fruit and vegetables.

We must remember that every time, in peace or war period people want to eat. & we must care about land & soil. We must be good agrarians.


Khosiyatkhon Komilova is a journalist with more than 10 years of experience. Today she is Editor in Chief of Newspaper in PO “Neksigol Mushovir”, in Khujand, Tajikistan. She graduated Faculty of Eastern Languages as a English-Arabic translator with Diploma of Honor. Also she is an Independent Journalist - Producer, Social Media worker. She participated in different seminars & trainings of such organizations as DW Academie,  EIDHR, IWPR, NED, International ALERT, SCOOP, GIZ, Project HOPE, Global Fund, YCPR "DINA", IREX, OSCE, AKHP & Internews Network. 

This blog post is part of the GCARD3 Youth blogpost applications. The content, structure and grammar is at the discretion of the author only.

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Friday, 22 September 2023

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