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Real growth is slow and steady

We've hit another milestone with our first mobile journalism training course..finally!

Tech4agri has been practicing mobile journalism for two years. We have slowly been getting better and now we wish to pass on the knowledge we have learned to other budding entrepreneurs.

Mobile Journalism focuses on the use of mobile devices, apps and accessories to gather and edit product content. This content is what drives business of course, as you provide information and value to your customer. We see this as something that can only benefit those building their own business from the ground up. 

We know that every business must have an online presence and with #mojo we can achieve this. However given our limited time, we could not facilitate this training session by ourselves.  Thanks to efforts of Dingole E-Commerce Services ltd who was the driving force in putting this together, funding was made available via the US Embassy here in Trinidad and Tobago. In short, Dingole knowing of our intended services and our work inquired about hiring us.

Why would we say no? We simply had to plan our material, show up and deliver. Thinking about it we did not have to find a venue, nor execute logistics and participant searches. In short Tech4agri was empowered by Dingole as they hired us and took on organisational matter. Our interactions as entrepreneurs is an ongoing one having met in the Caribbean Innovation Challenge (CIC) last year. 

At that time we networked of course

Dingole, which is run by the Young Leaders of the America's Initiative (YLAI) participant,  Deidre Cristal Lee Kin, then organised a 3 day session covering moile gaming, social media and our favorite mobile journalism. The organizers ensured that participants hailed from at risk areas, with the aim of support young minds that may to have otherwise gotten such an experience. 

As a result Deidre and her team facilitated motivational speakers to contribute to the overall development of the these young participants.One of the speakers was none other than YPARD T&T member Alpha Sennon of W.H.Y.Farm and a YLAI Fellow as well.

Do you see the trend?! 

Our mantra from our last social media training last year remains the same - collaboration not competition. For us, as entrepreneurs the road is still very difficult. The obstacles are unbelievable even horrific at times but those are stories for another day.

We simply believe we can do more by working together. We also received positive feedback from the students who where for the most part unaware of just how powerful their mobile device is. 

We wondered? Will these at risk youth really be able to learn and apply their own creativity? After a morning learning basic photography and having been exposed to photo apps and editing we sent them on a solo photo walk in and around the event space and this is the result.

I'd say we did a great job! However there is room for improvement on our delivery. As usual we strive for better, and already gearing up for the next course!

More pictures can be found on the Tech4agri Facebook page.

Picture and video credit: Tech4agri
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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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