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Speaking for Youth-- I Would Love to Be the Voice


Agriculture doesn't just mean growing food. It means a sustainable world and raising awareness. It means it needs sustainable agriculture empowerment for young people.

GCARD1 created the “Road Map for Change” for more responsive and relevant agricultural research. GCARD2 meant for change and resulted in the reform of CGIAR. This year, GCARD3 has focused on priorities with countries’ own development needs and national processes and with the Sustainable Development Goals.

In many places in China, farming products cannot be effectively connected to the market. I, being a translator and interpreter myself, have visited fields and learned different new technologies and commercial strategies. I would love to include what I saw and what I know into the future of youth agriculture.

I am an active member for YPARD. I joined last year in the YPARD Asia conference and represented Chinese young professional for a more integrated YPARD Asia and Pacific.

As for verbal presentation skills, I have taken part in many speech or debate competitions since 6 years ago. I love the feeling of speaking on the stage, sometimes for personal strong feelings, and sometimes for justice, and sometimes for more awareness, etc. I also served as a presenter and reporter at the TV station of our university.

 I am interested most in the second theme: Demonstrating results and attracting investment. The Internet is thriving in China, so do C2C, B2C, I would love to call for more investment in these applications, in a wave of Internet development. Thus the rural producers can effectively connect themselves to the market. This idea is fit for the sustainable concept both in China and in the world.

I would love to speak for the young people, not only in China, but also young elsewhere who are like me and who want to make a change.

I am GAO Xuan, a Chinese student majored in MTI (Master Degree of Translation and Interpreting). Through translation and interpretation practices, I have known people from different fields and have kept learning from them. I have interpreted for the education minister from Ireland, the youth leaders summit, also the new agricultural science park. I have also spent my childhood in a small village in China. I want to and need to speak for Chinese youth for our minds and our values and also, our needs for a sustainable agriculture for all.

I would love to work with friends from different backgrounds and from different nations and religons. I am open to conversations and I am also a good listener. I hope we can, together, make a difference, from GCARD3 this year.

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Monday, 30 January 2023

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