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The contribution and importance of youth engagement in rural development

Young people have the energy, enthusiasm, and perspective to work and achieve something good and sustainable in the field of rural development.

In general in developing countries, rural youth after completing their education do not return to their homes to make an effective contribution to the development of rural areas, and communities where they live, but in most cases, they migrate to urban areas. This is because they face various obstacles such as lack of employment in rural areas, poor infrastructure, lack of prospects for their further career development, underdeveloped social life, economically weak and underdeveloped sector, various cost, inequality and exclusion, etc. But to face and solve these problems requires the commitment, support and motivation of young people to give their maximum contribution to the development of rural areas.

The engagement of young people in rural development should be one of the main goals of development policies of rural areas, and the development strategies of these areas should be based on this goal. The participation of young people in rural development should aim to help young people build their future in these areas by considering them as a multi-valued asset. This participation should be done through a creative process led by young people, which strengthens their ability to participate and lead sustainable rural development.

The involvement of young people in this development should be as practical and concrete as possible, so that young people face the reality and problems in this sector, in order to be as concrete as possible in giving their creative, innovative and sustainable solution. When young people are involved in a practical and operational level, rural development will certainly develop in a more effective and sustainable way. This would prove how useful and effective the development of this sector is for the economy as a whole and the opportunities it creates for young people and the population in general.

The importance and role of young people in the development of rural communities are very significant, because it serves as a good example for future generations in rural areas, gives hope and motivates these communities in general, also makes the development of this sector more sustainable and effective. Young people contribute to bringing improvements to infrastructure facilities and promoting empowerment opportunities among the rural youth to meet better living opportunities. They also contribute to the rise and development of social life in rural areas, making them more attractive to live. Young professionals are those who can make a very important contribution to the development of rural areas by interacting with rural youth, sharing information and their experiences in this regard. For this, it is important to develop a series of programs such as: health programs for people in rural areas, agricultural programs, community development programs in these areas, human resource development and capacity building programs, social programs dedicated to rural areas, trade and environmental protection, agro-industrial promotion etc. with youth involvement and government support.

When young people are equipped with skills and competencies and aim to bring about improvements in rural communities in different areas, then they are required to implement measures and strategies to bring sustainable rural development. In this way, they will make a very qualitative contribution to rural development, increase economic opportunities in these areas, and improve the living conditions of rural communities.

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