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Welcome to 2020: Re-evaluate, renew and realign

It is the year 2020! Happy new year!

For YPARD, all hands are already on deck. Many young professionals are already back to the grind. It is an opportunity to start strong with increased potentials for better returns, as the new year transitions from days of public merriments and vacations to periods of evaluation - “what progress have I made this year?”  

Based on this maxim, “be real and adjust your strategy according to honest results”, popularized by Charles Colton, the YPARD GCU looked back into 2019. 
Some notable results of 2019 are:

We also faced some limitations in 2019, especially as it relates to managing YPARD GCU’s integration in the FAO’s institutional space while seeking operational autonomy remains a challenge. 

For the purpose of being real and based on the results of 2019, the GCU will be reviewing our hosting arrangement. The goal is to build on past lessons for re-inventing a stronger and functional network. As we do this, we will be reaching out for the contribution of the larger YPARD community. We aim to ensure that necessary insights from the community perforate through the YPARD operational levels into this review process. 

Dear YPARDians, I look forward to where this review process leads us and to sharing the journey, as well as the outcome, with you. I encourage you all to keep building the momentum on the ground. Connect with like-minded and similar goal-oriented organisations for future collaborations. Grow your enterprises. Contribute to your community. Feed the world.

As I write this, I look forward into the new year, with hopes to have many good days and with the strength to stand more united with you. 

Best wishes for 2020.

Yemi Adeyeye, Director.


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