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Welcoming the incoming YPARD Director: Myriam Perez

YPARD is delighted to welcome Myriam Perez as the incoming YPARD Director. Myriam is a graduate with a Master’s degree on Sustainable Development for Agriculture (Agris Mundus) and a Bachelor in Agricultural Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Spain.

Previously, Myriam has been working as a scientific program officer at Agropolis Foundation where she instructed and initiated actions to strengthen Montpellier’s educational landscape on agricultural development. In Montpellier SupAgro, her mission was to facilitate student’s access to the job market. Additionally, she brings a diverse wealth of experience having worked with farmers in several countries like Yemen, Colombia, Senegal, and Malawi, for different kind of organizations, NGOs, engineering department and the government. Her experience working with different stakeholders has given her a strong knowledge of the agricultural development arena and how to deal within that multicultural environment. It was within this environment that she decided to engage with YPARD, to empower young people to give the best of them so that they progress on their professional career successfully.

She is open-minded and whereas she can hold strong on her ideas, she also demonstrates flexibility when the need for compromise arises. She is curious to understand and has enough self-confidence to handle novel approaches and look for support when needed.

Myriam is well versed in YPARD’s work. Prior to her new position, she was the YPARD France representative where under her patronage, she made a study of the professional profiles to help the development of the Masters ACT educational offer as well as organize a Career Fair during YPARD Europe Annual meeting in 2012. Additionally, together with the former YPARD Serbia representative early in the year, she run a mentoring program for young researchers and professionals working with a territorial approach along with the Living Territories conference.

Besides that, in December 2015 she was part of the Youth in Landscapes initiative organizing team where 50 young professionals were working to develop solutions to tackle global landscapes challenges arising due to climate change.

At the account of joining YPARD, this is what Myriam had to say;

“I once heard that YPARD was like a beehive and members were the bees. Indeed YPARD has done a big buzz, but we have also made honey! On the next step, YPARD needs to capitalize on those experiences and projects done at the country level that make the honey of our network. Cross-pollination has to be enhanced by the coordination unit.

I believe that the future of YPARD relies on the contribution of members. Ownership is of capital importance for a network, as bees are for the whole ecosystem! Every member needs to feel that they count. Recognition and facilitating exchanges, connections and interactions will be my leading my mission for YPARD. I will follow what Karl Von Frisch said: “listen to the bees and let them guide you”.

Every action taken  will lead to improving our position to approach potential donors and to obtain new funding. As a director, I will work to make sure that we take stock from the lessons learned and use the achievements to fuel growth to make YPARD move steadily on to the next level.

Life is the flower for which love is the honey. Are you ready to work for it? I am! “

Myriam’s experience and grassroots knowledge of the network makes her well placed to help coordinate YPARD’s trajectory while answering to the needs and expectations of its members. She is determined to continue the good work of the outgoing YPARD director Courtney Paisley. We express our profound gratitude to Courtney for the seven and a half years she invested in the network.

Welcome on board Myriam Perez!

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Friday, 22 September 2023

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