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Welcoming YPARD Bosnia and Herzegovina representative: Mirjana Ribic

Mirjana Ribic, YPARD Bosnia and Herzegovina country representativeWe´re delighted to welcome YPARD very first national representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina: Mirjana Ribic.

Mirjana finished the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Banja Luka in 2011, where she graduated in Agricultural Economics and Rural Development. She is currently completing her master’s thesis in the field of Rural Tourism at the Department of Rural Development. She´s focused on the possibilities for diversification of activities in rural areas for the general development of the villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Mirjana complements her education with some courses in the field of marketing and management, primarily in the field of online marketing. She believes that online marketing is an important segment for agriculture´s future, as well as an important aspect of presenting ourselves in public. “When we know how we to ‘sell’ our personal image, it’s easier to present the work we do or products/services that we try to sell.”

In 2014, Mirjana started a partnership with a colleague from the Faculty of Agriculture Production (production of Garlic). Her main objective is to continue this trend of being an agricultural producer and also to expand the existing production.

In the last two years, she has volunteered in the Helsinki Citizens' Assembly of Banja Luka, where she has had the opportunity to work on specific projects and meet with young people from different areas. She considers this experience can certainly help her in her future professional plans of working with young farmers and improving the quality conditions for youth in agriculture.

Being YPARD national representative in Bosnia an Herzegovina represents a new challenge for her in order for the youth to contribute to a transforming agriculture in Europe in general, and in Bosnia and Herzegovina in particular.

“Becoming YPARD country representative gives me an extra motivation not only to keep working on improving my own career, but also to better introduce opportunities for young farmers that my country is currently providing in the field of rural development and agriculture. It is a great honor to be the very first representative for my country in such a great network and this is one more reason for me to build a successful chapter in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the coming future, I will work on the realization of plans to connect as many young farmers as possible in my homeland. I will make adequate promotion of existing farmers and help those ones who want to be engaged in agriculture or rural development by linking them further with experts, advisors and farmers from other countries in order to share knowledge and new experiences.

Due to my involvement in online marketing, I will start first promoting youth´s key role in agriculture through online activities on social networks, e.g. creation of a YPARD Bosnia and Herzegovina Facebook group and Twitter account. Besides these activities, I’m planning to make workshops with students, young agricultural producers and young people in general who want to get involved in agriculture. Such activities would deal with new trends in agriculture, potential grants in agriculture and rural development, climate change etc.”

We can’t wait to hear more from the Youth-in-Agriculture in Bosnia and Herzegovina and we trust that YPARD Bosnia and Herzegovina will be successful in mobilizing the youth through Mirjana’s leadership.

Welcome on Board, Mirjana!

If you are from or based in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and want to get involved in YPARD Bosnia and Herzegovina activities, please contact Mirjana at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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