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Welcoming YPARD Colombia representative: Miguel Román Corredor Hernández

Miguel Corredor Hernández - YPARD Colombia RepresentativeWe are delighted to welcome our very first national representative for YPARD Colombia: Miguel Hernández Román Corredor.

Besides being an agronomist, Miguel has a Master in Management of Organizations.

Recently, Miguel has worked as a consultant to the Directorate General of the National Training Service (SENA) in the area of research, technological development and innovation in a project that will be applied to 600 small and medium rural enterprises in the overall context of the Young Rural Entrepreneurs Program, part of the Jobs Directorate at SENA.

Miguel has also participated as an expert in the "Communication for Development, Community Media and ICTs for Family Farming and Rural Development in LAC", organized by AMARC and FAO in October 2014, representing YPARD for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Most of his professional activities are oriented to the formulation and evaluation of promising agricultural, environmental and agro-eco tourism projects at regional and national level with global references.

Currently, Miguel works as a manager of community projects using foresight, ICTs, strategic surveillance and reconnaissance of the environment in agricultural, livestock, industrial, agro-industrial and environmental issues, among others.

During five years, Miguel was an operational technical advisor to the Fundación Hogares Juveniles Campesinos in implementing self-sustainable farms and in the formulation of projects under the methodology of a participatory rural logical framework approach.

Miguel has handled up to 340 units of agricultural production in small networks to ensure the sustainability and profitability of production chains and strategic links.

He has also attended as an advisor to the formulation and implementation of Environmental Projects for 30 rural educational institutions in the towns of Cundinamarca and Boyacá, Colombia, with Corporación Autónoma Regional de Cundinamarca (CAR).

For three years he led the Rural Young Entrepreneurs Program for the Agricultural Biotechnology Centre of Mosquera, Cundinamarca. During that time he was in charge of the training of 12,000 apprentices, creating 340 production units, generating rural microenterprises and boosting regional economies’ models.

Becoming YPARD national representative in Colombia represents a new challenge for him in order for the youth to contribute to a transforming agriculture in Latin America and the Caribbean in general, and in Colombia in particular.

"As an agricultural professional, being representative for YPARD Colombia fills me with joy. At the same time, I understand the great responsibility that rests on the shoulders of those who, like me, work in productive sectors of first order and are in direct contact with the rural population.

My life purpose is in line with the projections of agricultural development that requires my country and that from YPARD are played sensitively, giving importance to young professionals as it is required.

I am convinced that the use of platforms like this, teamwork and networking course guided by well-focused and coordinated actions reflect positive and tangible impacts in different regions."

Welcome on Board, Miguel!

If you are from or based in Colombia, and want to get involved in YPARD Colombia activities, please contact Miguel at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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