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Welcoming YPARD Peru country representative: Flor de María Prado

We are delighted to welcome the new YPARD Peru country representative, Flor de María Prado

Flor de María is a graduate of the Pacifico University, Perú with a Bachelor´s degree in Administration. The first years of her career she worked in some Peruvian companies. However, she was always really interested in finding the way to create opportunities for people who need the most in her country. That’s why she participated in many different volunteer organizations which promoted education, empowerment of girls and entrepreneurs. 

While studying to obtain a Diploma in Sustainable Development in Esan University, Lima, Perú she met many passionate people from different academic and work background who worked in NGOs, government organizations and companies contributing to making a better country. After that, she knew that she wanted to change the direction of her career.

She worked with different groups of farmers in the jungle and coast of Perú providing training and facilitating workshops so they can improve their livelihood. Also, she helped Rikolto , a Belgium NGO, to measure farmer’s inclusiveness in banana, asparagus and cacao value chains in commercial relationships with companies or among the members that were part of the agricultural cooperatives.

Besides, Flor was part of Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation team, that carried out an exploratory study about the situation of young farmers in coffee and cacao value chains in three Peruvian jungle regions: San Martin, Cajamarca and Junín. After that experience, she saw the importance of the youth in the agricultural development. Because of her proximity to farmers and their reality she started a course in facilitating social process since she wanted to empathize better with the people she related to and equip herself with the needed tools to relate better with them.

Flor worked as a business network articulator with start-up entrepreneurs in the chocolate sector as a part of the state program helping them to identify business opportunities within their value chains, facilitating the generation of trust with their members' network and monitoring the consolidation process of their business.

Presently, Flor is working as a commercial technical facilitator in a Peruvian NGO, Institute of Development and Environment that executes a program of Canadian cooperation – SUCO  – which seeks to improve the quality of life of young people in rural areas in the region of Lima. The program name is “program of agrarian training and support for youth entrepreneurship in Peru”. On the other hand, she is studying a Diploma in Change Management and Territorial Development in Perú.

On being asked why she decided to join YPARD, Flor says:

“YPARD is an important platform where you can find passionate and prepared professionals who want to change the situation in a really vital sector, agriculture. When I found YPARD in Perú I was happy to know that many people want to contribute their knowledge, experience and time to improve the life quality of the people who feed us around the world” For that reason, Flor told us that she wants, as a country representative, to make visible the importance of the agricultural sector, increase the exchange of information through the group on social networks as well as organize meetings that promote the exchange of knowledge of people involved and interested in improving the agricultural sector.

We also take this opportunity to thank the outgoing YPARD Peru representative Daniela Rivas for her contributions, achievements and continued support.

If you are from or based in Perú and would like to become involved in the YPARD Perú activities, please contact Flor via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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Tuesday, 28 November 2023

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