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Welcoming YPARD Sri Lanka country representative: Sajith Harshana

Pilana HarshanaWe are delighted to welcome the new YPARD Sri Lanka country representative Pilana Harshana

Pilana Vithana Sajith Harshana is currently a lecturer at the Department of Agricultural Economics, Faculty of Agriculture at University of Ruhuna Sri Lanka. He graduated with a bachelors in agribusiness management (honours) with a specialization in agricultural economics from the Department of Agricultural Economics, at same university in 2017. His final year research focused on the “job performance of agricultural extension workers of private sector organizations”.

When considering his professional memberships, he is affiliated to quite a number of networks, including Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD), Ceylon counselors’ association, Institute of Food Science (IFST) in Sri Lanka (72/SM/IFSTSL), National Academy of Young Scientist (NAYS), International Management Research and Technology Consortium-USA (IMRTC- USA/NA 2315646), International Society for Research and Development (Membership ID-M4150906335) and Sri Lanka Environment Exploration Society (SLEES).

Since his undergraduate days, he has been interested in the practical application of agricultural concepts to enhance the living conditions of people. However, his key interests lie in environmental studies, green human resource management, multidisciplinary studies and the field of social and environmental sciences which will make an impact on the human being. 

He believes that he has the drive to carry out extensive research through past experience and needs to feel that the work he does can make a positive change in people’s lives, especially those who struggle to survive through changing environmental conditions and social climates. He also believes that theories are not merely concepts but that if used effectively, can make a positive change in people’s lives. 

Entrepreneurial culture in the state has rapidly grown across the economy of Sri Lanka throughout the past few decades. Rising business opportunities, strong information flow, robust e-commerce platforms and increasing social networks have created a facultative atmosphere for brand spanking new enterprises. On the opposite hand, real-life entrepreneurial expertise has become one amongst the foremost powerful life skills that facilitate the young generation to reach the job market and start their own business ventures. 

Self-employment in this context is one amongst the most effective solutions to overcome the state of a drawback for the young population in the nation-state. To push self-employment, it's vital to establish whether or not the individuals are committed to begin their own business than seeing themselves in large-scale or government organizations. 

On being asked why he decided to join YPARD, Harshana says:

“His vision is to organize a networking platform to educate, inspire, connect and engage Sri Lankan youth in the agribusiness sector and also to provide them with new business ventures and other organizations active in this sector to work/partner and engage with the youth to create a sustainable future for Sri Lankan with an emphasis on agricultural entrepreneurship.”

He foresees a high potential for agribusiness in future Sri Lanka economy because Government of Sri Lanka expects rapid development of agriculture at the grass root level. We have a tendency to hope to develop the youth potentials on agricultural entrepreneurship, business startups, development of entrepreneurship talent via business incubation through public personal partnership and e-selling platforms whilst leveraging on YPARD.

We also take this opportunity to thank the outgoing YPARD Sri Lanka representative Mrs Dilanthi Koralagama. Harshana is grateful to her for the opportunity to work with YPARD cluster and indeed enjoyed his time working under her leadership. Also, he is grateful to Prof. Disna Ratnasekara who was a source of inspiration and encouragement. 

Welcome on board Pilana Harshana.

If you are from or based in Sri Lanka and would like to become involved in the YPARD Sri Lanka activities, please contact Pilana Harshana via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Picture credit: Pilana Vithana Sajith Harshana 

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Monday, 30 January 2023

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