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Young Authors’ Writings for Agricultural Development

Nowadays, internet enables us to live everywhere in the world with the feeling of no distance to each other even though one may live in a small isolated village. One of the most useful usages of internet is through contributing in sharing information either on modern concepts or indigenous knowledge. Young professionals can effectively take part by sharing their knowledge through papers and articles published on online media such as scientific journals or popular magazines.

Being in the field of agriculture we should do something creative in our field, and by sharing our knowledge we can develop a stronger agricultural system. Therefore, My colleagues in India and I in Iran, decided to publish " Popular Kheti" and "International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences (IJFAS)".

The word "popular" as you know means "well liked" or "most accepted" and the Indian word "kheti" means "farming". So the meaning of Popular Kheti becomes "most liked or accepted farming". Popular Kethi is a quarterly magazine in the field of agriculture, published in English. It is issued in January, April, July and October.

The purpose of the magazine is to provide open access platform to authors to publish their knowledge & experiences and to readers to gain knowledge of popular activities in the field of agriculture. It is meant to extend knowledge of technologies from a region where they are quite popular to a region where they are not known.

Writing popular article is not hard alike a research paper: we write popular article like an essay in which one should describe about an agricultural technique and its methodology which is already in vogue in a particular area so that others can benefit from knowing it. We can share any success stories in the field of agriculture, some popular practices of farmers. These can come from ancient agriculture known as ITK (Indigenous Technology Knowledge) which even research scientists may not know or be any innovative suggestions to improve our agriculture; likewise many things popular in agriculture or agro-ecological environment can be included in this type of magazine.

Besides, The International Journal of Farming and Allied Sciences (IJFAS) (ISSN: 2322-4134) has the mission to publish original research papers related to agriculture, animal production, environmental resources, farm economics and related fields. They are written by researchers from universities and research organizations. It is a real contribution to knowledge. Manuscripts are peer reviewed in order to maintain high scientific standards.

Both of the publications are open access and information is freely available globally, so for those who want to share their knowledge in the field of agriculture around the world, especially professional youths, these are welcome platforms.

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Monday, 04 December 2023

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