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Youth, agriculture and COP18: HOW to engage NOW!

COP18, huge conference on climate change, will kick off from November 26 to December 7, 2012 in Doha, Qatar. Two events are particularly related to agriculture: Forest day and Agriculture, Landscapes and Livelihoods Day, December 2 and 3 (organized by CGIAR).

As we have learned during GCARD2, special media gives us the opportunity to engage, to get the voice heard of young professionals, and to get a space on the stage.

That is why we want you all to unleash your social media power with these two events at COP18 and bring to the forefront “youth in agriculture”’s perspectives! Yes, you can do it!

How to engage?

1 - Get prepared!

In order to make fruitful contribution, read carefully the content available on line. There are some guidance chapeau, questions and documents to do your “homework” before the big day! Master the topic; make a difference! More material on: and

2 - On Twitter

Follow #ALLforest, the common hashtag for the 2 events that should be mostly interesting for you, on December 2nd and 3rd. There is already Twitter traffic going on right now, so retweet where appropriate!

But also: read the stuff which is tweeted, and comment on every single piece of content, blogposts and article. Let your voice be heard!

3 - Join the #Allforest social media team

An #ALLForest social media team is already up and running (from past-events, including RIO+20). This list consists of experienced social media people, many running the social media for big organisations (WordBank, WFP, IFAD, WFP,...).

We need more young people to join up the team! It is an excellent opportunity to experience the setup and execution of an event's social reporting! Find the group here:!forum/cop18-smt - or send an email to p.casier (at), who coordinates social media for the #ALLforest events.

4 - Write blogposts about YOUR work and climate change/adaption

Each and everyone of you, working in the field, is confronted daily with the consequences of climate change, and works with ways to adapt to these changes.

We want YOU to write about YOUR work, in a short blogpost. SHOWCASE your projects: let people learn about the work you do in climate change, helping farmers to adapt, your experiences etc...

We will publish your blogpost on several blogs, including , and when it is related to the youth. BUT we need it FAST.

Send in your copies as of NOW, until Nov 30.
Once again: our voices will only be heard, if we speak up!

5 - On Dec 2 and Dec 3: Get ready to participate online

Both events will be webcasted. You will be given ample time and occasions to speak up online, through the webcast. So interact with the moderators.

Remember: At RIO+20, we earned our spotlight when during AgricultureDay, the first question taken from the online public to the panelist.... was from... YPARD! There was NO YPARD member in the room; we were only present online! Let’s do this again, and earn our place on the stage.

YPARD and Youth Stakeholders taking part in refini...
Youth, agriculture and COP18: Time to engage!

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