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Youth role in small-scale farming and food poverty – Tell me about your experience!

Sellers of farm produce on the roadside near their field - Vasant DaveAGRINATURA Science Days will be held in Vienna, on 5 - 8 May 2014.The discussions will focus on how alliances between small-scale family farming and agricultural sciences can transform local and global food systems in ways that ensure food and nutrition security at all levels.

I am invited to contribute as a panel discussant to bring a youth perspective, on behalf of YPARD. We would like to discuss the role youth plays in small-scale farming and food poverty. It will be about reviewing the achievements and the unfinished agenda, and perhaps identify where the youth can or have made a difference and where they can contribute within the post 2015 framework.

Youth brings not only work force, but also new ideas and innovation into agriculture and small-scale farming. Results from research should also be used to show to public and private sectors how important it is to encourage and support youth in agriculture, be it through funding of education, start-ups, youth inclusive actions and policy making.

To point out the importance of these issues, I need you: I would like to refer to testimonials and concrete case studies from YPARD members during the discussions.

Hence, I am calling for YOUR feedback on these questions. Please don’t hesitate to refer to your very own experience, by telling about some concrete situations you (or acquaintances) face:

  1. What are the key past achievements in term of small-scale family farming and food poverty? How did youth play a role towards this? Do you have any example?
  2. What was the contribution of research and young people ? Please tell us more about your experience.
  3. Why is the agenda unfinished? Do you think it has anything to do with the youth, notably? If so, how is that related?
  4. What must family farming and research do to finish the agenda within the Post-2015 framework? How can youth play a role towards this?
  5. What is needed for better youth involvement ?

Please tell me about your experience before Wednesday, 30 April. Leave a comment below this blog post (you need to log-in, first), or contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with subject : [AGRINATURA Science Days – Youth’s Testimonial]

Very looking forward to hearing from you, collating and sharing your testimonials during AGRINATURA Science Days!

Picture credit: Vasant Dave

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