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YPARD 2017 Annual Report is out!

YPARD is proud to share its YPARD 2017 annual report.  2017 was vibrant with continued activities geared towards achieving  the network objectives. This year saw the network strengthen its operational processes with some exciting results as thus;

The YPARD External Review

 With the YPARD business plan 2014-2018 coming to a close, in the spring of 2017, Young Professionals for Agricultural Development (YPARD) commissioned the Royal Tropical Institute (KIT) to re-examine and report on YPARD’s performance evolution and to provide recommendations regarding priorities for future actions. A mixed method was used to review the network, including an analysis of primary and secondary data, (Skype) interviews with experts, and an online survey to ask the members of the network for their feedback. The outcome of the review was very positive with some areas for further work.

New members in the governance team

We welcomed 17 new team members including twelve new country representatives, four interns in the Global, the African and the European units to boost the information services and communications in English, French and Spanish; YPARD Europe coordinator; two steering Committee members. Additionally, national teams- Myanmar, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Uganda, Spain and Netherlands- increasingly organized YPARD Cafés or other gatherings to discuss key issues they want to target through their activities and how to take action.

Young Africa Works mentoring program

Successful launch and implementation of the Young Africa Works mentoring program in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation and the close out of the Young Agripreneurs Program.

Youth and the SDGs showcase

Young people and the Sustainable Development Goals monthly showcase on Young professionals and how the SDGs interplay in their lives. A total of 7 testimonials were published. 

Youth in policy discussions

In 2017, the network input played a crucial role in elaborating stronger stakeholder strategies for youth in the sector including those in the Kenya Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries (MoALF) ; Africalead Feed the Future initiative in the DRC; Akwa Ibom State Agricultural Policy and Food Sufficiency Strategy Summit just to cite a few.

Promoting agriculture among the youth

YPARD representatives made great strides in engaging with young students to encourage them to join the agricultural sector through constant and deliberate sharing of information in universities across the world. This was done through musicals, videos, blog series, showcase of young professionals in agriculture, participation in TV programs and celebration of agriculture days.

Youth sitting in management roles

YPARD continuously increased its youth representation in agricultural development management committees around the world. New organisations representation in 2017 included the Bangladesh Agricultural Extension Network (BAEN) and the  APEC Agricultural Data Union.

Inclusion in global policy debates

Meaningful youth inclusion in global policy debates through bringing strong youth delegations to key conferences who take active roles in global strategic discussions and bring the outcomes far beyond the conference floor. In 2017 these included, The Young Africa Works Summit, Committee on World Food Security (CFS) 44, Global Landscapes Forum 2017 and the 8th BCFN International Forum on Food and Nutrition.

For more on these exciting updates, download your copy of the YPARD 2017 report here

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