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YPARD Chela: An expression of YPARD Café the Peruvian way

On July 20th, 2018 we decided to carry out a new version of the YPARD Cafe that had been organized years ago. 

Our main objective was to bring together young people who are interested in the topics we address such as rural and agricultural development so that they can connect and develop activities together; as well as for them to exchange experiences in which they have participated and share what we can replicate as a YPARD team.

We decided to change coffee for beer (Chela, as it is known colloquially in Peru) because this event was thought as a space for the exchange of experiences of the participants and we wanted it to develop in a space that promotes camaraderie. 

Half of the participants knew YPARD only through networks and showed great interest in joining the initiatives we are promoting.

The event was held in a bar that promotes Peruvian craft beer and we had the support of our volunteers to develop promotional materials for the event as well as the support of Volunteers in Action Peru (VEAP), who connected us with a photographer who voluntarily registered this nice meeting.

YPARD PeruThe participants shared the topics of interest to which they would like to contribute to YPARD's work, due to their academic profile and professional experience. The experience of this human group was enormous, and we were able to divide it into four main themes: rural education, youth rural entrepreneurship, territorial planning and agrarian extension. 

Based on this, four young people proposed initiatives that will be developed to decide together what is carried out, when they will be developed and what is required to do so. Likewise, the other participants joined these initiatives as they were being developed and shared in a virtual way. 

The next meeting date is scheduled for September 4th, 2018 based on the proposed initiatives, we will meet to outline a plan of activities for the projects that are coming. Likewise, the volunteers will tell us what activities they have been part of representing YPARD or what initiatives they have identified to join us. 

The space that was held during the YPARD Chela helped us to have a closer relationship with the volunteers; as well as, to broaden our vision and see what other ways we can continue exchanging information, developing projects that focus on the agricultural sector and approaching young people who are willing to give their talent and time to the YPARD mission.


Photo credit: YPARD Peru

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