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YPARD China won great success in the YPs' Science Forum hosted in CAAS

Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences hosted a Young Professionals' Science Forum to discuss the basic qualities for a YP, the atmosphere for a better research, the system for improvement of YP's, on 26th April, in Beijing, China. Jieying Bi, YPARD China Representative was invited to share her experiences in FAO, GFAR and YPARD.

YPARD China won great success from the promotion and questionnaire survey. YPs’ in CAAS showed great interest in YPARD and filled in the Qs seriously.
Our beautiful YPARD China staff Jiaqi Huang(Right) and volunteer (Left).
Jieying Bi introduced YPARD’s main roles in helping YPs in Funds, Internships, and accelerating other international communications.
Tonight is a big night for YPARD China. Based in CAAS, more YPs will communicate and learn from the world through YPARD.
We are now looking for potential young students and researchers in CAAS to join us to formulate YPARD China office, you will find your place as coordinate staff, as academic consultant in all principles, even if you can be practioner who want to start entrepreneur related with Agriculture, join us and talk with peers from all corners of the world.
YPARD China will hold the launching conference in late May in CAAS, any suggestions about the structure, the operation, and communications among YPs from domestic and oversea, etc. will be warmly welcomed. We also appreciate your help to tell your friends in other Ag. Universities/Institution to come to Beijing to participate the meeting. We will sponsor ten of them who are from other provinces.
Join us and find the useful information for you,
Join us to share the useful information for others!
Great thanks also goes to our YPARD China Secretary, Fujiang Liu, for his excellent photos.
Finally, please feel free to contact Jieying Bi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any problems.
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Tuesday, 21 March 2023

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