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YPARD members taking part in "Rethinking Food Security in Africa: New Paradigms, New Approaches"

Food security seems to be an ever ending topic on global discussions.  Over the last years, Africa has been subjected to a lot of interventions seeking to improve the possibility of Africa Feeding itself. Despite the fact that some progress has been made in some cases, a high number of Africans are still vulnerable to hunger.

In line with this, the Society for International Development (SID) with support from the Rockefeller Foundation is organizing a multi-stakeholder symposium on June 12th and 13th at Norfolk Hotel, Nairobi with the aim of promoting, reflecting and conversing on the seemingly elusive challenge of attaining food security in the continent.  To facilitate the dialogue, the SID is inviting a number of experts to share their ideas, views and perspectives on the subject of food security. The dialogue will dwell deeper in to the approach these experts are taking in their analysis  going beyond the obvious to try and understand the structure and drivers  beneath the issues that hinder the continents potential to achieve food security.

The major focus areas are: Ideology, The African farmer, Technology, Gender dynamics, youth and food aid. The study areas listed above are intended to answer some of the questions frequently asked regarding the inability of the continent to ensure food security for its citizens.   With the session inviting YPARD members from Africa to share their views, we would love for you to contribute your suggestions to the following questions:

  • “Agriculture is considered an activity to be taken up after retirement from a white collar job” 1. How can this mentality be changed to have more young people choose farming as a profession?
  • With rural communities ageing rapidly what incentives can Africa provide to young women and men to encourage them to take up farming?
  • By 2050, predictions are that 60 percent of people in Africa will be living in cities. A majority are young men and women leaving rural areas to seek other opportunities. Who will feed the cities?
  • What changes in mindset are necessary among youth to enable them see and take advantage of the opportunity to transform the agriculture sector in Africa?
  • If the youth are the future, why doesn’t Africa invest in wider educational opportunities and access to relevant vocational training programmes for them?

YPARD Presence

There will be a strong YPARD presence at this event with seven members across Africa invited to participate in this conference. The members invited are:

  1. Olawale Ojo (Nigeria)   
  2. Grace Wanene (Kenya) 
  3. Hudson Wereh (Kenya) 
  4. Asiimle Francis Xavier (Uganda)
  5. Adelajew Woldu (Ethiopia)
  6. Isaac Kosgei (Kenya)
  7. Emmie Kio (Kenya) 

You can follow the event on twitter via #FAS2013. For more information on the other sessions, find attached a concept note here.


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