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YPARD Peru: Workshop participation and collaboration

From 5th to 9th March 2019, YPARD Peru took part in the workshop My Coop organized by Direction of Cooperatives for the Ministry of Production (PRODUCE) of the Peruvian government, we had 25 facilitators male and female from different Peruvian regions.

Natalia Lozano Broncales represented YPARD this workshop, which was made to improve business skills in farming cooperatives and promote mutual farming support.
This methodology named My Coop is focused on farming management, empowering their representatives in order to help them in making suitable decisions and guide them on how they market their products.

This knowledge acquired by YPARD representative during this workshop will be useful to incorporate them in succeeding projects as Escuela Ruralista and spread them within the YPARD community in Peru through different social networks and maybe events that will be organized in the nearest future. 

To quote our representative “I feel grateful representing YPARD Peru in this valuable workshop My coop, expanding our professional network with young and committed professionals in the farming development coming from all around the country.”

Likewise, in this event we can learn more about the context of the different farming cooperative in our country, also this workshop could help us form new alliances with other organizations.

You can find out more information from this workshop here.

Collaboration with Community Solutions Program

Last year (2018), Natalia Lozano Broncales, YPARD-Peru’s member, was selected by the U.S. Department of State as one of the 92 Community Solutions Program (CSP) Fellows. 

Her host organization was Rural Action in Athens County, Ohio. Through her fellowship at Rural Action, Natalia reinforced her skills regarding inclusive and sustainable agri-food value-chains. Natalia shared her experience at Rural Action through YPARD’s website last September.  

The main component of CSP fellowship is the Community Action Project (CAP). Natalia presented her CAP on November 2018 in Washington D.C. and with the support of the whole YPARD-Peru’s team –is been developed in Lima. As a support to her CAP, her Peer-Learning Advisor, Joseph Barbaree – who is the Program Manager of the Sustainable Agriculture Division at Rural Action – applied to CSP’s Collaboration for Community Impact Grant. 

This month, YPARD-Peru was notified that Joseph won this grant, so, he is coming this July to help Natalia and YPARD-Peru’s team to implement the CAP. Joseph will be a key speaker at the International Symposium regarding rural youth and agriculture. We expect the attendance of one hundred and fifty young professionals and fifty key decision-makers. 

Moreover, Joseph will also support YPARD as a member of the jury of the rural, agricultural development pilot contest and he will deliver a workshop to YPARDians, sharing Rural Action’s experiences in the promotion of inclusive and sustainable agri-food value chains in the Appalachia. 

For YPARD-Peru it is very important that Joseph will share the American model to promote youth engagement in agriculture. Furthermore, it is crucial for us that he facilitates the planning of the market linkages of YPARDians through Rural Action’s ethical online store. 

At YPARD-Peru, we are grateful with CSP, Rural Action, Natalia and with Joseph, because the Collaboration for Community Impact Grant will allow us to strengthen the capacities of our YPARDians and other stakeholders. 

We are thrilled to announce that another YPARD-Peru’s member, Marcelita Ponce de Leon, has been selected as a CSP 2019!

For more information regarding Community Solutions Program, click here.


Photo credit: Natalia Lozano Broncales

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