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Agri Talks Newsletter

Agri-Talks is a new and unique publication ZFU is introducing to give voice to the orchestra of young people who have made foray into agriculture as well as those contemplating to venture into the exciting sector.
The publication, which follows hard in the heels of our recent launch of the Young Farmers’ Profiling Project, will also add impetus to various initiatives ZFU is pursuing to showcase the farming experiences of young people in Zimbabwe. Indeed, the thrust of Agri-Talks, which is to bring young farmers in the limelight, stems from our realization of the unbridled strength and skills that youths possess, critical for driving agriculture into the future.
In this issue, we share the riveting story of Munyaradzi Shamuyarira, whose farming exploits on a small piece of land hardly bigger than an acre in the sprawling suburb of Marlborough in Harare corrects ill perceptions often associated with “backyard farming,” sorry-Urban Agriculture. But it is not only the story of youthful Munyaradzi that inspires youths to seize the limitless opportunities that agriculture presents today.
There are far too many success stories out there, which young people are carving in the annals of history. And Agri-Talks will track the indelible footprints young people are imprinting on the local agriculture terrain.
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