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XV Forestry Congress: Updates from YPARD Delegate

World Forestry Congress is an exceptional opportunity for global Young Professionals (YPs) to meet and talk about their specific expertise to collaborate worldwide. In the frame of the XV World Forestry Congress in Seoul, the Republic of Korea, our YPARD Delegate Assouhan Jonas Atchade, from the Republic of Benin, has had the opportunity of networking with other YPs, and discuss the key role of youth in future forestry-related decisions.

Jonas has met with amazing YPs that, like himself, are interested in a more sustainable future and he was given the outstanding opportunity to be the French Moderator for the Speaker's Corner Session, which was his first time as a moderator at a Global level.

In his own words “We are meeting so many astonishing personalities in Forestry who are working at a Global level. We hope to keep connecting with them for the long term”. Among all the exceptional people he has had the chance to meet, we are happy to share some of them with all the YPARD community.

One of them is Dr Satrio, who is working in climate science at the European Institute on Forestry and with whom Jonas had the chance to discuss responsible collaboration and the best way to act for sustainable forest management.

Jonas and Dr. Satrio*

During the Congress days, he also had the opportunity to meet Benjamin Singer, PhD; current Senior Forest and Land Use Specialist/Division of Mitigation and Adaptation at GCF Green Climate Fund, and Honourable Motlohi Malieho, Minister of Forests of the Kingdom of Lesotho.


Jonas and Benjamin Singer, PhD. *


Jonas and Honourable Motlohi Malieho.*

Another two important acquaintances our delegate made were Dr Rosalie Matondo, Minister of Forests Economy of Republic of Congo, and past Chair of UNCCD and former Environment Minister in Benin Luc-Marie Gnacadja.

Jonas and Dr Rosalie Matondo.*

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*Photo Credit: Assouhan Jonas Atchade