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Farming for Biodiversity - Proven solutions meet global policy

The Convention on Biological Diversity’s Executive Secretary Cristiana Pa?ca-Palmer describes the loss of biodiversity as a “silent killer”.

For many of us, the loss may not feel immediately palpable in everyday life. By the time we feel what’s happening and recognize the changing face of the Earth, it may be too late. There is still hope for preserving what’s left of the world’s rich diversity of life. Producers and consumers that adopt and spur demand for sustainable farming practices — such as those that protect soils, water, forests, and fish stocks — play a key role in stopping biodiversity loss. But too often, these innovative actors and their solutions operate unseen and unheard — silent, like the issue they face. We must, then, be willing to search for them.

This report is based on an in-depth analysis of the 338 proven solutions submitted under the contest. It responds to the accelerating loss of biodiversity globally, while also identifying the common success factors that allow for replication and a blueprint for scaling the adoption of sustainable behaviours needed to protect biodiversity globally.

In this way, the report links local solutions to relevant global policy processes, particularly the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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