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YPARD at COP27: Seeds for Equality "Young Women Shaping Regenerative Agriculture and Empowering Female Farmers in the Global South"

Join us this 14th November at the Children and Youth Pavilion of the COP27 to this joint session by YPARD, Ban Ki-moon Centre and EmpoderaClima.

During the session the speakers and hosts will highlight the crucial action that is taken by young women to shape regenerative agriculture and, hence, foster gender equality, youth empowerment and climate justice in the Global South. Through live pitches and a documentary short film, the session showcases concrete initiatives led by young women, which empower communities, female farmers and foster resilient food systems.


● Elevating knowledge and awareness on regenerative agriculture and the importance of women farmers for sustainable food systems, climate adaptation and improved livelihoods in the Global South.

● Inspiring further action by showcasing concrete best practices led by young women to shape regenerative agriculture and empower communities, as well as other female farmers in the Global South.

You will have the opportunity to interact with other YPARDians, including Heitor Dellasta, our YPARD Brazil Country Representative, who will be co-hosting this event.