YPARD is a non-profit organization by Young Professionals for Young Professionals for Agricultural Development.


A food secure world without poverty where young people are enabled to fully contribute.


Enabled and empowered young agricultural leaders shaping sustainable agri-food systems.

In 2005, young scientists in Zurich noticed a lack of youth in policy debates and took action. They met with major agri-food organizations in Rome, organized a side event at the CGIAR AGM in Marrakech, and secured funding from SDC in Bern by mid-2006. By July 2006, YPARD's official launch was being planned at Wageningen and Leibniz Universities.
8th November 2006, GFAR conference, New Delhi, India
Official launch of the Young Professionals for Agricultural Development aka YPARD!

Pronounced WAI-PARD, and NOT EE-PARD. Hosted at the UN FAO.
By 2008, the first YPARD Charter was crafted and signed. Over the next few years, regional units of Asia and Africa, followed shortly by ones in Latin America and the Caribbean and Europe were set up. We also launched our first official website, started our mentorship program, and joined FORAGRO and EFARD's Steering Committees.
With the regional units set up, YPARD's membership grew worldwide. YPARD joined innovative projects like the YIL Initiative, TAP, the Foresight Hub, and became part of the Steering Committee of GFAR. In 2015, we had an exciting new rebrand which gave us the logo that you see when someone mentions YPARD!
In true YPARD spirit, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary in 2016 at different events and in multiple countries all at once- separated by space but united in spirit.
We celebrated at Tropentag, at GCARD3, in Nigeria, Rwanda, Iran, India, Nepal, Philippines, to name a few.
A detailed strategic plan for 2018 to 2020 was created in Prague, and the YPARD Charter was revised. YPARD began our new hosting at AGRIDEA and CZU. The Global Policy Working group was launched-  this set the stage for key partnerships in the UNFSS Youth Liaison Group and in the Youth Working Group of the CSIPM to the CFS.
The launch of the YPARD Global Policy Working group culminated in partnership in the Food Systems Pavilion at the UNFCCC COP.
We also held the YUFRAS-YPARD Young Rural Advisers Training and Mentorship Program.
Another huge growth step for YPARD when we founded YPARD eV, a non-profit registered in Germany.
We also started the agroecology GP-SAEP project on Agroecology and the CEA-FIRST project in AU-EU research partnership as a consortium partner.
An incubator project was launched in Africa and Asia-Pacific, and a massive youth summit was held in LAC, encouraging youth ideas to grow to the next level.
We hold an in-person Steering Committee and Staff Retreat in Berlin, revisiting YPARD's vision, mission, values, and strategic way forward.
As a board member of the Food and Agriculture for Sustainable Transformation (FAST) Partnership, we strategize with key stakeholders on access to quality climate finance.
A brand new website is launched, and we focus on connecting the Rio Conventions with youth efforts.

Our Team

YPARD operates at local, regional, and national levels.

At the heart of YPARD are our members, who are encouraged to become active in their area, spread the news about YPARD to other young professionals, encourage a stronger voice of youth in their own organizations and share our views and ideas with other young professionals in the network.

The local areas in a country are spearheaded by a Country Representative who is the ambassador of that specific country.
Some countries have two Co-country Representatives.

You can find a list of all our Country Representatives on our Members page.

For Africa, LAC, and Asia-Pacific, Regional Coordinators coordinate regional activities and liaise between the country and global levels.

The Global Coordinating Unit (GCU) implements the vision of the Steering Committee, coordinating, supporting, and promoting the work of our members.

YPARD's Steering Committee guides the organization in strategic development along with the GCU and Regional Coordinators.

Global Coordinating Unit (GCU)

Genna Tesdall


Trisha Mandal

Communications and Memberships Coordinator

Edoardo Corriere

Program Coordinator

Regional Coordinators

Kofi K. Acquaye

Africa Regional Coordinator

Sebastian Pedraza

Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Coordinator

Xiaoshang Deng

Asia-Pacific Regional Coordinator

Steering Committee

Sebastian Pedraza


Jorrit Kiewik


Jelena Grosse-Bley


Michelle Seck


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