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"I joined YPARD at the end of 2022 and became an active member in 2023. Both my experiences with local engagement and interaction with the Global Coordination Unit have been amazing. In YPARD China, I have had the opportunity to exchange ideas with fellow members and expand my network. Additionally, I have been able to launch some initiatives that I had always wanted to pursue. With the GCU, I have obtained the opportunity to engage in policy advocacy at a global level, which proves beneficial for both my personal and professional development."

Xiaoshang Deng

YPARD Asia-Pacific Focal point

"Since 2017, I've been volunteering with YPARD, becoming Ghana's country Representative in 2023. I manage over 80 Skilling centers in agribusinesses, agri-institutions, and secondary schools. I provide practical skills training, business development, coaching, Agricultural food systems mentorship, and job placements to foster mindset change and youth employment in agriculture. I collaborate with Young Agripreneurs and farmers, securing +1 Global fund for food security for YPARD Ghana to enhance food access and resilience for rural-urban linkages within food systems to create jobs for women and youth."

Paul Atsu

YPARD Ghana Country Representative

"Since joining YPARD PERU in 2022, as a volunteer and later becoming the deputy coordinator of the Mentor area of the VII EJR in 2024, I've grown immensely. As a Quechua-speaking descendant from the Inkawasi district, I founded Sumak Kawsay to conserve three native stingless bee species, and promote ecosystem restoration and gender equity in the 'San Francisco de Asís' farming community. Our efforts have conserved three bee species and reforested over 2,000 trees in Lambayeque, strengthening local biodiversity and resilience""

Ysa Calderón

YPARD Peru Deputy Coordinator, Founder & CEO of Sumak Kawsay

"Being part of YPARD Kenya has been an incredible journey of growth for me as a teacher and agripreneur. YPARD has provided invaluable experiences, from fostering partnerships and advocating for policy change to attending conferences and winning fellowships like the Africa Food Fellowship Program. Leading mentorship programs and empowering youth in climate action has been especially rewarding. Participating in policy working groups and dialogues on agriculture and climate change has expanded my knowledge and influence. YPARD has transformed me into a confident leader and advocate for sustainable agriculture."

Jenice Achieng Audi

Teacher, Agripreneur, Country Representative YPARD Kenya

"One of the best experiences of my life has been my involvement with YPARD. Since joining in 2015, my journey with this network has been nothing short of remarkable. YPARD has provided me with a supportive community of like-minded individuals, fostering my growth both personally and professionally. To be honest, YPARD now feels like a family to me."

Nikita Bhusal

YPARD USA Country Representative

"YPARD has given me a specific environment to express my talent as a seed technologist and communicator for almost a decade and, more recently, the opportunity to be trained and certified as a knowledge management specialist. YPARD is definitely the network that leverages on volunteership to give the youth a unique opportunity to showcase their know-how in the food system and gain firsthand professional experience."

Bebel Nguepi

YPARD Cameroon Representative

"YPARD LAC has been a catalyzer for me. Working alongside brilliant professionals passionate about the same mission is both inspiring and encouraging. From putting together the First Latin American Coalition of Youth for Rural Development, an incredible piece of work that included gathering 100 young people from across the LAC region in Colombia, to winning the funds to implement a Latin-American Youth Agribusiness Incubator. YPARD has been key to growing my networks and knowing the amazing job youth across the region are doing, it has also helped me sustain my vision and mission to contribute to more sustainable food systems. It is incredibly rewarding to know I am walking alongside an amazing team as we strive for this change to happen."

Hazell Flores

YPARD LAC Communications Coordinator, YPARD Incuba Project Coordinator

"YPARD gives youth a voice. This has been my experience volunteering with YPARD as I have not only been empowered with capacity building training, but I have also been tasked with speaking on behalf of youth and being an ambassador for their concerns in several platforms. As a fish farmer myself, YPARD amplified my reach and impact, I have been linked with agricultural networks and training. As YPARD Nigeria country representative, I have also been heavily involved in the agricultural policy review of across several states in my country ensuring that youth voices were heard and ably represented."

Akinbowale Showemimo

YPARD Nigeria Country Representative

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Daniel Kisekka and Ajuna Tadeo


Thierno Ngamb


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Akinbowale Showemimo


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Bebel Nguepi


Celestin Havyarimana and Liboire Ndayashimiye

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Enricka Julien

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Nuriddin Samatov


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FMS Azam

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Sk Abidur Rahman

Sri Lanka

Sriyantha Peramunagama


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