YPARD has a long-standing collaboration with the Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CZU). CZU has been hosting the YPARD Europe coordination unit since 2016 and has worked for a stronger youth focus and engagement in agriculture in the region. 

CZU also serves as a hosting place for the CASEE Secretariat. This year, CZU hosted the virtual CASEE 2021 conference entitled “CASEE Universities as laboratories for new paradigms in life sciences and related disciplines“. Each year YPARD  takes part in organizing competitions for young researchers and this year we joined forces with the CASEE Conference. 

To support the continued professional and personal growth of young professionals attending the CASEE Conference 2021 YPARD carried out a scientific competition which was tagged "Empowering young researchers of the Danube region in sustainable food systems" at the CASEE conference 2021. 

Within the conference, a YPARD committee selected the top three posters and top three oral presentations related to the sessions on sustainable food systems, a key focus area for YPARD. 

A special congratulations goes out to Alicja Ponder, Mihaela Iliescu, Rita Góralska-Walczak, Eva Ivanišová, Sanja Lazi? and Ioana-Mihaela Mih?lcioiu the six selected winners of the YPARD/CASEE Conference 2021 scientific competition!

These six research projects stood out the most from the sessions on sustainable food systems and have been crowned the winners!

Visit the links below to see all of the winning abstracts.

Oral presentations: 

  • Alicja Ponder (Poland) - The content of biologically active compounds in raspberry fruit and leaves depending on the cultivation method. Enjoy reading the abstract at https://bit.ly/2UjQ2ze.
  • Mihaela Iliescu (Romania) - Can kiwifruit grow in Romania? Results of the Romanian breeding program after 25 years of research on Actinidia spp.Enjoy reading the abstract at https://bit.ly/3xdm4M5.
  • Rita Góralska-Walczak (Poland) - Elaborating the Baltic Sea Region principles of sustainability in public catering: a case study of the third most polluted city in Poland and the impact of its participation in the Interreg-BSR project StratKIT. Enjoy reading the abstract at https://bit.ly/3qGEeDg

Poster presentations: 

  • Eva Ivanišová (Slovakia) - Antioxidant activity and mineral composition of selected kind of small berry fruits. Enjoy reading the abstract at https://bit.ly/3qEUHIa.
  • Sanja Lazi? (Serbia) - Degradation of trifloxystrobin in apples before storage. Enjoy reading the abstract at https://bit.ly/2Tk2WgN.
  • Ioana-Mihaela Mih?lcioiu (Romania) - Consumers' perception and fruit quality of some Asimina triloba (L.) DUNAL genotypes. Enjoy reading the abstract at https://bit.ly/3Ai0Xdo

Our panel of judges chose the winning abstracts based on presentation skills and the overall quality of the research topic.

Congratulations top SIX!

Picture credit: YPARD

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