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Welcoming YPARD Sierra Leone New Country Representative: Augustine Macarthy

By: Augustine Macarthy

Augustine Macarthy is an international development professional. He holds a  Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology with a major in Human Development and Societal Transformation, from the Njala University, Sierra Leone. Additionally, he received several certificates in Management, Leadership, Agriculture, Entrepreneurship, Development and Humanitarian Sectors from Bocconi University, Tony Elumelu Foundation, West African Course on Human Rights and Drug Policy from University of Ghana, CIVICUS World Alliance, Planet Start-up Entrepreneurship Academy, West Africa Civil Society Institute, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration. Augustine has over six years of successful track records in development and poverty reduction, with significant experience in child protection, peace building, agricultural investment and sustainable development for young people.

With his skills in innovation and performance-driven entrepreneurship, and a deep passion for business, he created an agricultural company called AUGMAC FARMS (SL) LIMITED, that works with local farmers in Moyamba District to increase the monetary value of their goods and land, while ensuring that they get the most out of their work. This is possible when improving farming supply chains from soil to consumer market by issuing fair pricing purchase contracts for local farmers for their products. This aids local farmers who are unable to sell their products in high quantity.

Augustine set up an Agricultural Center where local farmers, entrepreneurs and students will come and learn about agricultural activities.

Through his intervention with AUGMAC FARMS, he has directed numerous programs as a young leader and development professional that provide agricultural training support, social and economic approaches, to youth empowerment in their agricultural endeavors, and creation of agricultural opportunities for the less fortunate local farmers residing in rural areas of Sierra Leone.

He has served as a conduit between researchers and farmers, and as a supporter of initiatives that help regional farmers to make choices, and guarantee that the appropriate knowledge is applied to get the best results in terms of sustainable output, and general rural development. With considerable experience dealing with rural farmers, Augustine has direct contact with many local farmers and organizations involved in the agriculture industry within Sierra Leone and beyond. He has also contributed to grooming and mentoring local young farmers in the formation of agricultural enterprises and other local businesses.

Augustine also serves as the Founder/Executive Director of the Movement towards Education and Youth Empowerment-Sierra Leone (MEYE-SL), through this organization he has been able to led many youth programmes that help promote peace, educational support, social justice and economic approaches towards youth empowerment and poverty reduction. He has helped to develop and advocated for programmes that foster an environment where future entrepreneurial and community leaders can thrive and create jobs and community projects that wage peace in their communities. The impact of his roles and interventions has helped in seeing a major shift in the dominant method of addressing contemporary issues dealing with youth unemployment, leadership, conflicts, and security issues amongst youth in Sierra Leone.

As youth advocate and leader, he recognizes the talents of his fellow youth as well as his mistakes and accountability. He has worked for and collaborated with some of the finest and brightest youth leaders and organizations within Sierra Leone and around the world. He is a member of Young Africa Leaders Initiative, Royal Commonwealth Society, West African Course on Human Rights and Drug Policy, Yes 4 Humanity, International Youth Parliament, and African Union (Youth 4 Peace).

Augustine is passionate to support communities to capitalize on their own values and assets. He has been driven by his commitment to a self-reliant society with a good working environment and quality education for the less privileged.

If you would like to connect with Augustine Macarthy, you can find him on Facebook, LinkedIn. If you wish to visit his work, please visit the following websites; Movement towards Education and Youth Empowerment-Sierra Leone (MEYE-SL) , AUGMAC FARMS (SL) LIMITED

Welcome Augustine!

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Tuesday, 28 November 2023

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