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YPARD presence at GCARD3 Social Media Training in Bangkok

“Peter Casier is now delivering the introduction to social media #GCARD3,”

This was the first tweet about GCARD3 Social Media Training, tweeted by Ratih (@ratatatih) on 7th, December 2015, in Bangkok, Thailand. This training organized by GFAR, covered an overview of all social media tools, their use for nonprofit causes and how to put all these into one strategy in a professional environment. 

The trainees were to use their social media skill to report live from the regional conference- High Level Policy Dialogue on Investment in Agricultural Research for Sustainable Development in the Asia-Pacific Region, on 8 - 9 December 2015, Bangkok. GFAR had sponsored five YPARD members from Asia and Pacific region whose names and country affiliation appear below as thus;

  1. Joseph Carl Olfindo, YPARD Philippines
  2. Papia Jahan, YPARD Bangladesh member
  3. Ratih Nawangulan, YPARD Indonesia
  4. Yali Bai, YPARD China
  5. Nikita Bhusal, YPARD Nepal

Additionally, Jim Leandro Cano, YPARD Philippines representative as well as Capacity Building and Policy officer at YPARD Asia and Pacific region, also joined as YPARD member. YPARD Nepal representative tried to collect their experiences from social media training and region conference and shares their expirience below;

Jim: “The social media training was new to me as there was a different aspect to it that I saw, which is power to disseminate information at great speeds to the public from high level conferences in agriculture. After two days of regional conference, although the youths were mentioned in some presentations, I feel there was lack of serious strategies to reach the young people and how to attract them.”

Read his contribution on GFAR blog: Is there no cause to disrupt current systems? and Walls must fall for agriculture to become sustainable.

Joseph: “The conference was great, it showed me the various activities in our region. It showed that there is always research going on, whether it's in the Philippines or elsewhere, there are always people trying to improve agriculture through research.”

Read his contribution on GFAR blog: How do we involve youth in agriculture? Eh – wait – what was that again?, The SAI Platform: Putting sustainable agriculture centre-stage, You don’t even have to be in the room… and Dialogue opens new doors for Joseph.

Papia: “Social media training was amazing and totally different and comparatively more interesting ever I participated in different trainings. The presentation, discussion and poster presentation all session were so much effective and innovative. From this conference, I got to know that near the future youth will get more opportunities and chances to involve with agriculture directly.”

Read her contribution on GFAR blog: Virtual farming in the Asia-Pacific.

Yali: “Social media training, so many tools open my eye, before these look like the sea, but now it become more structure as a map. How to make the tool promoting the agriculture sustainable development and youth issue efficiently? How to always keep the learning ability and full of passion and as an idealist as Peter.”

Read Yali and Jim contribution on GFAR blog: Climate-Smart Agriculture: the key to a happy marriage?

Ratih: “Having a full day of social media theoretical training and two days of practical training, at the same time following the high level policy dialogue was obviously not easy task. But through this training, I have improved my skill in utilizing social media for nonprofit causes which I can share it with YPARD members and my local community.”

Read her contribution on GFAR blog: Let’s get smart and Beyond first impressions: the case for investment in Indonesia.

Nikita: “Social Media Training was very fruitful with full of energy and interactions. This may be because we were being mentored by such an awesome person, Peter Casier. The dialogue was limited to the statistical data, some surveys, or any case studies, but was lacking with any innovative policies/ plan which can address the investment on empowering women and young researchers. However, to learn more about social media, and represent youth in such a region conference was really a matter of pride.”

Read her contribution on GFAR blog: Is the discussion over? and “The Flashpoints” – Lightening up agriculture in Nepal.


Note: All those presented slides are available at


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