The Role of Subsidiary Bodies in Climate and Biodiversity Action

While the COPs are the culminating platforms for climate negotiations and policy making, the role of the Subsidiary Bodies on Implementation (SBI) connected to each of the Rio conventions is often overlooked. The SBIs are essential components of the UNFCCC and CBD processes, providing the necessary technical and administrative support to ensure effective implementation of the Conventions. Their work informs and supports the COPs, which are the highest decision-making bodies within these frameworks, by preparing the ground for informed, evidence-based decisions and by ensuring that COP decisions are implemented and monitored.

In the webinar, we aim to shed more light on the essential discussions and negotiations that are part of the SBI conferences. We will discuss the important role that these conferences play on the road to the COPs, and aim to connect the different Rio Conventions under this light. Debriefs on the major outcomes from the UNFCCC SB in Bonn and the CBD SB in Nairobi will be a key highlight of this event. We will also hear from experts on their experiences and major takeaways from these platforms.


Martial Bernoux, FAO

Moritz Fegert, Biovision Foundation

Heitor Dellasta, GYBN

Juliet Grace Luwedde, UNCCD Youth Caucus

Jenice Achieng, YPARD Kenya

Stephanie Cabovianco, WFF Argentina

Shaik Imran, IAAS

Xiaoshang Deng, YPARD


About Changemakers for Agri-food Action

This webinar is part of an ongoing capacity building series called the Changemakers for Agri-food Action. The Changemakers for Agri-food Action is a 5-part, monthly online webinar series from June 2024 to October 2024. This webinar series will focus on forging connections between the Rio Conventions through the vital role of youth in addressing climate change and transforming agri-food systems.

The Changemakers for Agri-food Action series is based on the format of the YPARD Global Cafes, which is a virtual space of experience sharing and knowledge exchange among young practitioners in the agriculture and food systems sector. 



Start Date

July 4, 2024

End Date

July 4, 2024


3:00pm - 4:00pm CET

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