What is the Changemakers for Agri-food Action series?

The Changemakers for Agri-food Action is a 5-part, monthly online webinar series from June 2024 to October 2024. This is a collaboration between YPARD, Biovision Foundation, IAAS, FAST, YIL, FAO OCB, GYBN, UNCCD Youth Caucus, and MGCY.

This webinar series will focus on forging connections between the Rio Conventions through the vital role of youth in addressing climate change and transforming agri-food systems.The webinar series will build capacity amongst the youth movement to connect our causes by consulting experts and youth advocates from the three conventions, all the while highlighting our engagement in the global climate, biodiversity, and land agendas, and equipping us with further knowledge to create synergies between the Rio Conventions. The multi-part series will delve into the Rio Convention-related actions of young leaders in the areas of advocacy, partnerships, and knowledge-sharing, aiming to inspire, educate, and mobilize other young individuals to take action.

We will explore the roles and functions of the Subsidiary Bodies of Implementation (SBIs), the Conference of the Parties (COPs), and the connections between the Rio Conventions. 

The sessions will be interactive, and will feature expert insights and offer practical tips to advocate for action.

Webinars in the Series:

  • From Groundwork to Global Impact: the Role of Subsidiary Bodies in Climate and Biodiversity Action | 4th July 2024 | 15:00 - 16:30 CET
  • August 2024: Connecting the conventions-- what we know, and what we don't about the connections between climate, biodiversity, and desertification.
  • September 2024: Introducing the youth constituencies and other stakeholder groups of the UNFCCC, CBD, and UNCCD Youth Caucus, MGCY-- history and how to engage. 
  • September (end) 2024: How to prepare for a COP-- advocacy preparation for youth representatives
  • October 2024: Debrief from the CBD in Cali.
  • January 2025: Debrief from all COPs.

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