The Country Representatives are the national representatives of YPARD Chapters in different countries. We currently have Country Representatives all around the globe in Africa, the Americas, Asia-Pacific, and Europe. A list of all our current Country Representatives can be found here.

Scope of our open call

If you don't see your country represented in the list above, this open call applies to you.
We are also open to appointing a second Co-country Representative for chapters that have one Country Representative.

Deadline: 30th June, 2024

In case you don't want to commit to being a Country Representative yet, you can join the YPARD national chapter in your country as a member (if there is already an established national chapter in your country). You can apply to become a YPARD member through the form at the end of this page.

What does being a Country Representative for YPARD actually mean?

🍀 This is a voluntary (unpaid) position for 50 hours/year.

🍀 The position is typically held for a term of two years.

🍀 The Country Representative provides local YPARD representation in the selected candidate’s country of residence.

🍀 They will work towards greater involvement of youth in policy and capacity building initiatives.

What will your responsibilities look like?

🌱 Represent and be an ambassador for YPARD in the region;

🌱 Make connections with relevant youth and food systems organisations in your region;

🌱 Publicise YPARD in your region and create a local community in your country of residence;

🌱 Engage in fundraising for YPARD country office initiatives at national, regional or international


🌱 Actively work on the local plan and management of activities by forming a local working group ofactive Young Professionals (YPs);

🌱 Communicate regularly with the YPARD Regional office, including informing them of all local initiatives, so they can spread the world on your great work;

🌱 Implement activities to address the declining interest in agriculture and food systems among young people.

We want to make sure that you make the most out of your CR role, and that we at the GCU can support you with your endeavors. 
So, we’ve made a list of commitments for all CRs below: 

Submitting a workplan:

A workplan can be just a short paragraph of the kind of activities you want to do, or a detailed excel sheet of projects, events, and activities (if you are someone who loves to get into the nitty-gritty of things!).

Keeping in touch:

Being part of a network means getting the chance to interact with people all across the world! We will host monthly or bi-monthly catch-up calls so that we can talk about exciting updates, share our YPARD stories, or simply say hi!

Documenting your stories:

We encourage all our CRs to create a short project/event summary article of all YPARD activities that you host. Activities encompass everything- a capacity building session, a webinar, a chat with your community on agri-food systems, and so on.
All articles are published on the official YPARD website and shared on our social media channels, newsletters, and submitted to partner newsletters (SDC, TAP, YIL, and more).

We ask all our Country Representatives to send at least two articles in a year to the Global Coordinating Unit (GCU).

Who can apply?

Since we’re here, let’s review the eligibility criteria for this role.

Any member of YPARD is eligible to become a country representative. Specifically, you should:

🌟 Be under 35 years of age;

🌟 Live in the country you wish to represent (you do not need to be a citizen of the country, simply a resident (short-term visa, long-term visa, etc.));

🌟 Have a connection to agriculture and food activities through your profession or personal connections;

🌟 Be interested in bringing young professionals in agriculture and food disciplines from your country, region and around the world together to exchange knowledge and experience;

🌟 Have shown interest in the above through your past experiences;

🌟 Have motivation to connect YPARD in your country with the YPARD communities regionally and internationally;

🌟 Have the desire to forge friendships and professional relationships which will last a lifetime.

What's in it for you?

You will have the opportunity to build your skills in leading a team, building engagement amongst members of a community, and practical project management- both through learning by doing, but also by working closely with YPARD’s Regional Coordinators and Global Coordinating Unit (GCU).

This opportunity can help further your career as you will have the chance to network with individuals working in food systems and agriculture from every part of the world– and the organisations which they work for and volunteer with. Moreover, you will be able to create your own initiatives and project ideas in collaboration with other young professionals! And if you’re quite engaged, there is even the opportunity to travel to regional and international agricultural congresses.

As mentioned above, the Country Representative role is a voluntary (unpaid) position; we provide the following to support the work of Country Representatives:

💡 Formal title as YPARD Country Representative to ease applications to funding/projects/events.

💡 Ability to create your own initiatives on a local level, that will be amplified by the GCU to our other members, partners, and general audience.

💡 Access and participation opportunity in global and regional agri-food systems conventions and events (based on your overall engagement with YPARD activities).

💡 Opportunity to network with different youth organisations, academic institutions, UN bodies, and partners in the agri-food systems sector.

What sorts of activities might YPARD Country Representatives carry out?

Our members have full flexibility to design any event or activity that empowers youthin agri-food systems- your creativity is your only limit! To find out about some of the activities you can carry out as a YPARD Country Representative, visit our Projects and Activities page.

Ready to apply? We can't wait to hear from you!

Send in your applications with your CV and a short paragraph on why you want to be a YPARD Country Representative to Trisha Mandal, our Communications and Membership Coordinator, at by 30th June, 2024.

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