Background of Suvchilar Maktabi

"Suvchilar Maktabi" is an institution established under the initiative of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, in collaboration with "Agrobank" ATB, the Ministry of Water Economy, and the "Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Agricultural Mechanization Engineers" National Research University. The institution is dedicated to promoting high crop yields, efficient water and energy usage, and improving the condition of irrigated lands in agriculture. They offer short courses to farmers and specialists to teach modern irrigation methods, enhance skills, and increase production efficiency. "Suvchilar Maktabi" provides comfortable and free education where both foreign and local professors teach. Participants who complete the course receive gifts and certificates. To date, they have successfully trained over 70,000 farmers from 70 centers in various regions of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Visit to Suvchilar Maktabi

On April 5th, 2024, representatives from YPARD Uzbekistan had the opportunity to visit "Suvchilar Maktabi". The purpose of the visit was to discuss potential areas of collaboration and to gain insight into the workings of "Suvchilar Maktabi" in depth. During the visit, the representatives were introduced to the various initiatives undertaken by "Suvchilar Maktabi". They were particularly impressed by the institution’s commitment to sustainable practices and their innovative approach to solving environmental challenges. In turn, YPARD Uzbekistan representatives introduced YPARD in general and YPARD’s future plans in Uzbekistan to the representatives of "Suvchilar Maktabi".

Areas of Collaboration

The visit paved the way for a fruitful discussion on potential areas of collaboration between YPARD Uzbekistan and "Suvchilar Maktabi". Both parties expressed their interest in working together to promote sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation. YPARD Uzbekistan is eager to collaborate and believes that it will lead to significant advancements in the field of sustainable agriculture and environmental conservation.

YPARD Uzbekistan representatives present at the meeting with "Suvchilar Maktabi" included:

1. Aziza Usmankulova - Affiliated with the Microbiology Research Institute of Uzbek Academy of Sciences / YPARD Uzbekistan grant proposal writing team member

2. Dilshodbek Ismailov - AgroBank "Suvchilar Maktabi" / YPARD Uzbekistan grant proposal writing team member

3. Nuriddin Samatov - Ecology Research Institute of the Ministry of Ecology / YPARD Uzbekistan grant proposal writing team member

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