By: Liboire Ndayishimiye

I am a Wildlife Specialist in Nature Conservation and Hydrology and hold a diploma in Rural Engineering, my experience in Integrated Water Resources Management; Management and Protection of Underground Waters in Burundi, in the Nile River Basin allowed me to carry out the professions of expertise in hydrological monitoring, and in the preparation of hydrometeorological forecasts to trigger alerts through the Early Warning System. In addition, my specialization in protection and conservation of nature has allowed me to see how often water is the only source of life, that it is essential to protect it against all kinds of pollution and that quantitative and quality data are processed and published to stakeholders for decision-making.

I have participated in the Training of Regional Trainers on the Early Warning System (floods, floods, droughts), and I have been a research student for the protection of fragile ecosystems through the Program for the Preservation of Fragile Ecosystems in Central Africa. I envision to share this knowledge and look for ways to implement it through my position at YPARD.

I am passionate about the protection of the biosphere and finally contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly the reduction of the degradation of cultivable land and the pollution of Wetlands, so that the land is productive while conserving terrestrial and aquatic ecosystem services. I am affiliated with the Global Landscapes Forum (GLF), and the African Youth Initiative on Climate Change (AYICC), and I believe that this will be beneficial in my position as YPARD Burundi Co-Country Representative.

As YPARD Co-Country Representative, I want to contribute with my expertise in areas related to water resources, as this is essential for farmers to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, as well as to improve climate forecasting and disaster mitigation linked to climatic hazards.

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