Our aim is to enable and empower young leaders around the world to shape and transform agri-food systems.

Sustainable agri-food systems are key for climate mitigation and adaptation.

Youth play an important role in this transformation.

Agri-food systems are the interconnected processes of food production, distribution, and consumption, shaped by socio-economic and political factors.

They involve individuals, communities, businesses, and governmental policies, creating a complex ecosystem where economics, politics, nature, and human interactions intersect. Understanding this dynamic landscape is essential for promoting global food security and sustainability.

With youth comprising over 16% of the global population, their involvement in agri-food systems is both significant and promising. Many young people are already active participants in various aspects of these systems.

At YPARD, we collaborate with young professionals in agri-food systems, alongside other youth organizations, educational institutions, local communities, and stakeholders. Together, we aim to promote intergenerational exchange and cooperation, leveraging youth energy, creativity, and fresh perspectives to sustainably transform our agri-food systems.


We advocate for a just agri-food systems transformation that allows the full participation of youth in local, regional, national, and international levels.

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We support ideas, initiatives, and projects by connecting young professionals through mentorship programs, events, training courses, and advocacy spaces.


We collaborate with youth organisations, educational institutions, global partnerships, government initiatives to connect young professionals across the globe.

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YPARD enjoys the valuable support of several organizations committed to providing opportunities to Young Professionals in Agricultural Development.

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